. . .upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18

Prophecies of Revelation

Mark of the beast

The Beastly System World-Wide

Writer: Betty Miller | bibleresources.org/mark-of-the-beast/

We see, then, that we're not looking for an antichrist; we're looking for a beastly system. And it's already here. In error, people have been naming specific individuals as the antichrist, such as Hitler or even Hussein. Such individuals are all part of the beast system, but it's not a single person we're looking for. The beast is everywhere and we've all been contaminated to varying degrees by that system. People don't even realize they're being contaminated as they give heed to the thinking of the world's political and social leaders. They're receiving the system into their minds, then doing the works of the devil because they've unknowingly picked up his thinking.

The devil has so deceived the world, even the church. For example, even the church is full of divorces because the government and society say it's acceptable. They also say abortions are acceptable, so we have abortions even in the church. The beastly system has crept into the church and we're being marked by it. Many have it in their minds that divorce and abortion are acceptable, then they've committed those deeds with their hands. They've been marked in their minds and on their hands without even knowing it. They're waiting for some tattoo, thinking they'll refuse it when it comes, yet they're already receiving the spiritual mark of the beast. Should they come to a literal mark, they'll not be able to refuse it because the beast system has already become such a part of them. If we're not getting our minds marked with the Word of God (reading and meditating in the Bible and obeying it's commands), when the hour comes for a literal mark we'll not be able to say no to the system.

The system has become such a part of us. The government takes care of us. It has become God to many. The government takes care of the sick; they perform many social works; they handle much of retirement through social security here in the U.S.A. Are we dependent upon the government, or are we dependent upon God Almighty to take care of us? When the whole system of this world fails (and it will because it is not based on the word of God), we'll fall with it if we're not grounded in the system of God's kingdom. It's not wrong for us to receive from the government now as long as we acknowledge God as our source and not the system. Should the system fail and we no longer have social security or other provisions from the government, those overcoming Christians who have been receiving it will simply turn to God as their source, and He will provide for them another way as their faith is in God and not the system.