. . .upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18

Unidentified Flying Objects

When Evil is a 'Strawman'

Writer: Mike S.

Evil is not a 'straw man.'

Evil is not a 'straw man.'

If you are reading this I applaud you for you are one of the few, very few on earth today that know the true nature of the deadly supernatural attack pummeling the Earth today or at the very least is considering that "something is rotten in Denmark."

All around us the foundations of Judaeo-Christian thought are under attack and for many people God is "dead......" yet those who hold to a view of reality where the Creator is central are totally unaffected by this great falling away. With their "Forest Gumpesque" personal moral compass, they think that this in itself will be enough to keep the world around them clean. In the movies being an ignorant person pays off, in real life it gets you killed.

They are wrong, dead wrong. Evil is not a 'straw man.'

If you stay awake the next time you see the Biblical account of Moses confronting Pharoah's court in the film "The Ten Commandments", watch what the magicians of Egypt are capable of doing. When Moses turns his staff into a snake, THEY TURN STICKS INTO SNAKES, too. Take a minute and REALLY THINK ABOUT this......

What this means is EVIL IS CAPABLE OF DOING THINGS, including miracles.


This means evil can make physical objects fly like "flying saucers." Evil can make things animate and appear to be extra terrestrial beings. Evil can report events in the past with accuracy to be like ghosts or "past lives." Evil can do this.

Evil is not a "straw man."

Since most Christians believe evil is an incapable "push-over" defeated just by being a "goody two-shoe" with a moralistic individual lifestyle when they see things like UFOs most are ready to accommodate anti-Christian beliefs into their own because evil is a "straw man" not able to wage war with the saints. Science cannot lie to them. Satan and his demons can't pull off a massive UFO hoax---there must be SOMETHING to the UFO sightings, after all there is PHYSICAL "scientific" evidence backing up these things. Seeing is believing. We are respectable, reasonable people, we are accepted in our communities. Like the hand of doubting Thomases, if evidence can be collected scientfically it must be true apart from Biblical warnings----because evil is a straw man and not able to be the source.

When we see evil as a "straw man" we invoke on Sunday mornings for a round of idle guilt mongering and god-talk, we set ourselves up and are made defenseless when the enemy attacks us-----YES he wages war with the saints, and no---we are not winning. A straw man enemy allows us to live so-called "ordinary" middle class materialistic lives without risk to our comfort and personal peace. The one problem with this is as we play Forest Gump with blinders on, the enemy is waging full scale war on our social institutions and people at risk for exploitation and destruction. Our people get abducted by so-called space aliens and others murdered and abused while our "salt" influence extends no farther than our own personal holiness so we can be self-servingly off the hook if any wrath from God comes our way.


Evil is not a 'straw man.' Evil plans full scale psychological operations against humanity and its TIME we go to war and stop it.

The Christian Church--composed by all who are known by the Lord Jesus Christ's name — is to STOP WHAT ITS DOING AND GO TO WAR OR IT WILL BE WIPED OUT IN A SURPRISE ATTACK BY THE ENEMY. The more we yield territory on earth to evil dominion by our blinder created ignorance, the more evil can work and destroy us. As soon as evil can, evil will target and wipe out all potential threats just as it went about killing every newborn baby to try to get Jesus right after he was born. If you think just because YOU pose no threat to the established order by your middle-of-the-road, go to church, pay your taxes and be invisible lifestyle, that the enemy will not wipe you and your family out as soon as polite society allows it, you haven't been studying current events. The first thing after there is a take over, power is consolidated and all those who have the CAPABILITY--not necessarily the intent of resisting are taken out and shot. This is how evil works and can be seen when it works through fellow humans.