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Babies' Body Parts For Sale

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Reflections of God's design

Yes, it is true.

The taxpayer-funded National Institutes of Health is one of the major traffickers in "fetal tissue" - just an innocent sounding term for the body parts of murdered babies!

The NIH actually places orders for various baby-body-parts as if they were merchandise from a department store: "Tissue desired: fetal libia and/or femur; spleen or thymus or liver; gestational week 19-23; quantity: 2-4 bones and either spleen (preferably) or thymus or liver ...receipt within 24 hours post-mortem (i.e. cells need to remain viable); preparation: standard (i.e. ...on wet ice)..."

Completely healthy babies are always a premium "commodity" on the baby-body-parts market: "I would prefer tissues without identified anomalies," says a typical order form from the NIH's Clinical Hemotology Branch.

The baby-parts market makes partial-birth abortion more popular than ever.

A single fetal-tissue project of the NIH expended $6 million in taxpayer money between 1993 and 1996, according to the federal government's 3/97 General Accounting Office Report!

The NIH, according to the GAO, funds about 15,000 studies involving "human subjects."

The Nazis of the 1930s likewise conducted medical experimentation on the castaways and helpless classes of their day - Jews, Gypsies, and others. These experiments often involved torture and death for the subjects - disturbingly like the outcome for today's aborted babies. Let's not be doomed to repeat these historical tragedies.

Reflections of God's design

It's the only abortion technique that delivers an almost entire intact "specimen" to the baby-parts traffickers - which means top dollar for the abortionist.

Likewise, other abortion techniques require the abortionist to bear the expense of disposing of some portions of the cadaver. With partial-birth, there are no leftovers - and, in fact, the traffickers actually pay the abortionist for the privilege of carting off the corpse.