Page updated 25 June 2017

Want to share what you find on our website?

The recent copyright accusation against us has stirred me to post this message. We have received many requests for permission to copy and share the dispensations that my grandfather had drawn.

One thing that stirs up anger in me is how preachers and so many, many other people are making money off of the gospel. People are trying to make themselves look big and important.

Well, it is our hope that when people read our website that they will find here that we are not in agreement with what these people are doing. The gospel is supposed to be FREE.

Almost everything we share on our website is freely distributable anywhere with few exceptions as explained below.

Be Kind and Cite the Source

While we encourage people to share what we post we would appreciate anything shared from this website to cite us as the source UNLESS we did not write it, or preach it, or design it. Authors and sources are either written at the top of a page or at the very end of a long article. PLEASE pay attention to the source of information. We try to always give credit where credit is due to others.

Graphics vary. There are many graphics taken as public domain from the internet. Many others I designed (or redesigned) myself with no copyrights and no author placed on them. No need to cite the source of any graphic or image. They are all freely distributable.

Copyright Infringements

For now, that is it. Thank you.