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Sleep paralysis is demonic, and yes it happens a lot when u decide to turn ur back from the father, remember that doctors will say anything that will support science rather then spiritual..but when it comes to flashes of light, the smelling and hearing of something burning, the thunder, whispers, and horrible feelings of someone's presence with u and paralysed, there can only be 1 that can deliver you from all kinds of evil..and that is our messiah Yahushua ..because of my savior I have become a strong believer.. and every time I stumble on walking on the risheous path, the paralysis seems to happen. I had it 6 times this year, and every time I have it I feel like I'm going to die from a heart attack, this is how frightening it is..but I'm trying to stay strong in believe more and more everyday. -Juan

Hi, I was just online researching the counterfeit church culture and looking up the demonic Hillsong and I stumbled upon your site and read about Bethel. Wow, I just want to say I almost fell for years of that stuff and your article on Beth-HELL was not only enlightening but HILARIOUS. Glad I found your site. Thank you. -Michelle

I came here looking for spiritual answers to questions I had about sleep talking. I use to suffer from "sleep paralysis" but I have been delivered in Jesus' name! Recently, I have been talking in my sleep, so I was just looking for some direction. I ended up finding a bit more though, conformation. We (my husband, son, and I) were recently asked to leave our church (the week of Easter, mind you). There are a lot of reasons, but what it basically boils down to is that the "pastor" of this church was caught in a lie involving my son and he asked us to leave because he was afraid of being exposed. In hindsight, all of these things my son has been going through stem from a curse this man spoke on him, in the form of personal prophecy...but that leads to another discussion.

Truthfully, we weren't thrilled to be going to this place to worship, but we thought we were being led to be a quiet light and had hoped that reconciliation would come. After all, we know it is not God's will that any should perish. We wanted to be a beacon of truth juxtaposed with the lies and false doctrine. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. We were called a witch and a warlock publically on a Sunday morning. We were mocked for the way we celebrate holy days. We were talked about under the guise of accountabilty and criticized for not immidiately bowing to the will and decree of men, which were all lies. Who is the father of lies again? Not my Father!


This is it. Praise Jesus, that we know the TRUTH, that we know HIM!!! Let the real church rise, the body of CHRIST. It is comforting to know that we are not alone or imagining all of this. God is so good! Lets join together and pray for these people that hurt us to be delivered. Let's pray for those that follow them to turn around and let nothing stop them from following Jesus! -Michelle

God bless you sisters. I do so relate with what you have said. Know that there are true believers and followers of our Lord Jesus! I send my love to you in Jesus' name! Amen! Finish the race! Galatians 6:9Bible quoteAnd let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.Galatians 6 verse 9. You are In my prayers beloved! -Connie

Thank you so much for your website. I just got into the city of David tonight, staying at a neat Christian run inn called Christs church. After service the piano player approached me and said "the holy Spirit told me to give this to you." She then proceeded to give me info and directions to Succath Hallel, Rick Ridings prayer house. Before coming to the city I had just watched a documentary called Drunk In The Spirit (an amazing, eye opening DVD on the false church movement called the New Apostolic Reformation) Where I'm from we have a prayer house called Elijah house in Coeur d Alene Idaho and IHOP. When she told me this I then immediately had suspicions and googled the place. Your site was 4th on the results and has been a tremendous help in keeping me from exposing myself to another attempt of the devil to trip me up. This movement has many contemporaries and is extremely evil. Thanks again. -Aaron K.

My first experience about this phenomenon came when i was still single and unbeliever. I visited a friend's house and while waiting for her i slept on her bed. While asleep i experienced my body was stiff and i cannot move. My eyes were open, i can see my surroundings and felt scared and terrified not having control of my body. Then this monster looking entity appeared lurking like a cat holding onto the wood divider of the room almost touching the ceiling. It was watching me and i panicked silently screaming and very terrified. Then i woke up as nothng had happened. Following this i had another and several attacks at home, i dont see no one with me yet i was so scared and screaming in silence. Then i became a Christian and it never came back again until i got married and became a mother of 3 kids. this phenomenon came back in my life. I have no idea what it is, just thought i was having bad dreams yet it is different from having a dream because i was conscious about my surroundings, i can hear sounds and even feel my husband at my side snoring. This happened to almost 3x a week. The most extreme experience i had was when my body lifted up to the ceiling and turned around to see myself lying on bed with my husband!! I started screaming but then i moved up to the ceiling thru the roof of my house and floated on top and saw the street with the street lights. I knew it is a real phenomenon and i was terrified and helpless. In those times i do not know yet that this thing can be rebuked in God's name. I continued to have this and each time has different experiences such as having sex to a man i thought was my husband, being attacked by women wanting to rape me , etc. Then i learned to rebuke and understood satanic attacks. But in those times i didnt know yet that sleep paralysis is a demonic attack. In one of the attacks i was able to rebuke the invisible thing that is binding and holding my body captive. It was a silent rebuke in God's name, a rebuke in my thoughts to leave me alone that he had no authority over me because i am a child of God. It worked!! From then on every time it is coming back i started praying in the Spirit and rebuke the bad spirit. I was thankful and became more confident in my faith in God, and diligent in studying the Scriptures. God is real and protecting His people. Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience. Blessings and Shalom to you. -Deb

You are pretty spot-on. However, I must point out that Alice Cooper is Christian and is very vocal about it. Contrary to popular belief, his songs are supposed to be about telling people to not believe the devil and his lies. -Adrianna

I've read your post on Sleep Paralysis and i couldn't agree with you more. I've experienced sleep paralysis for about 4 to 5 times already and it's really terrifying. But when I am in the situation, there's only one thing I do and that is to say, "In the name of Jesus, go away demons!" And it always works. Calling out to Jesus always works. -April

This male jezebel spirit BLOG was SPOT ON!!!! -Q

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