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Characteristics of a Jezebel Spirit in a Man

The following characteristics sound like my own personal horror experience! The more I read this list, the more I realize how blind I was upon meeting this jezebel man! I could give an example for each point made but I will refrain here. Marianne's advice is so true. The man caused devastating chaos in my life successfully slandering me and ruining my good reputation of being the granddaughter of a well respected deceased preacher. I have recently stumbled across the following comment stated by this jezebel man on his Facebook page just 1 month and 3 days before he publicly humiliated me and had me arrested at a church service. This comment was a serious DEATH THREAT from the DEVIL! And a perfect example of what a Christian is not.

"Romans 16:20Bible quoteAnd the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ [be] with you. Amen.Romans 16 verse 20 The peace of Christ will soon crush jezzie's skull!" -Matt,, June 26, 2011-

This man and his jezebel cohort were working their plan to crush me whom they FALSELY ACCUSED of being a jezebel.

You know what was crushed? My heart, because I would love to see this man genuinely delivered and saved. The mental, emotional and spiritual pain is very difficult to deal with because of the soul ties and the sin that broke the Lord's heart. The first step in becoming free from the horror is breaking the soul ties in Jesus Name. In all of my praying for vindication and understanding I find that I am much to blame for allowing myself to be used and abused and for ever allowing this man into my life at all. The desire for love, for the romance, to be nurturing, or whatever, it is not worth risking one's soul for.

Regarding Marianne's information on page 2 about 'what to do about him' - there is little hope for a person with a jezebel spirit. People are seldom willing to be delivered from this demon spirit. For myself, I have never been able to find help and support for what I went through with a jezebel man. The following information about how the man can alienate you and condemn you while recruiting others to gang up on you is so true. I am here to say that it can prevent you from ever making new relationships with anyone because everything you do and say will look like the jezebel to those he has disillusioned with lies about you.

If you are a young lady praying for a mate, be very careful, and do not look for a real Christian man in a church because he is most likely NOT THERE! Churches in these end times are predominantly overtaken by witches with the appearance of being Christian. If the man is not in genuine relationship with the Lord then he will wreak havoc in your life that could stain and ruin you forever. Many men are well trained in how to fool women into getting what they want from you. Generally speaking, men who profess to be Christian believe they are above rebuke. If you expose what they have done then they will spread lies about you like "she is behaving like a woman who has been scorned." It was done to me!

You cannot trust high profile people or even preachers. These types are most often on "power trips" and think they can have anything they want regardless of the consequences to others.

If they are throwing their clothes off in front of you or forcing you to have sex with them "out of wedlock" then RUN, RUN, RUN! You can try contacting the police but they may be more harm than help because the law protects these high profile types of men. The police tend to believe anything they say and will likely tell you that you're just batty. They will probably tell you that it's all your fault and that you were asking for it so it's best to do whatever you have to in order to just RUN from the situation and keep the police out of it! Professing Christian men use and abuse women a whole lot more than society acknowledges. When it happens inside the church it is a well kept secret. In addition to Marianne's list below, read Pastora Galang's list too.

We used to have a page on this site about "choosing a mate" but we removed it because of the harassment against us. Someone told me several years ago to keep my eyes focused on the Lord and let my own personal desires of marriage go. Well, I have now been forced to take this advice. Satan is destroying and perverting everything that God created which surrounds opposite sex relationships. Satan hates heterosexual relationships because it was God's creation. If you are like me then you probably will never believe anything anyone tells you that sounds negative until the wrong man (or many wrong men) comes along and ruins your life. Any man that tries to force himself into your life is probably sent by the devil. Satan will beat your door down in order to lure you into sin, but Jesus is always a gentleman. Jesus will never tempt you to sin. A genuine Christian man will respect you and never ask or force you to sin against God. -Admin-

Writer: Marianne | 20 March 2014 | and

(1) He comes on strong, sweeping his victims off their feet. He can be a "hot, passionate lover." Women are flattered by his intense attention of them, and excited by his male dominant approach to sex. He sexually "adores" them in a Romeo fashion or to be more up to date...he speaks within KINGLY terms.

(2) He targets them by falsely mirroring their values, interests, goals, philosophies, tastes and habits. He is "everything you are." Wow, you have so much in common! You are THE PERFECT MATCH! He will ask where have you been all of his life? He knows the right things to say, not to mention that you have been waiting for your Boaz to come through that door. Guess what? HE TELLS YOU THAT THE SET TIME HAS COME! TIMING SEEMS SO RIGHT....BUT YOU WILL FIND OUT IT IS SO WRONG AND NOT GOD!

(3) He fakes integrity, honesty and sincerity. He convincingly mimics human emotions. He uses people. He is a "sincere liar."

(4) He can seem very spiritual or idealistic, but this is superficial. His interpretation of scripture, however, may not agree with what God had in mind.

(5) He can suddenly play the role of the victim. Similar to the sneaky charming jezebel. Victims take pity on him. They see him as needing them. He is playing on the natural nurturing character of women.

(6) He can inspire the woman to attack those who are supposed to be victimizing him. This causes injury to innocent people, and hurts the woman’s relationships with others. Her friends and family can be ALIENATED from her in this way.

(7) He wants to marry victims quickly. Impulsive! He wants his victims dependent on him. He portrays FALSE integrity, appears helpful, comforting, generous.

(8) The fake sincerity does not last as he starts to change into his true self. He will have numerous romantic relationships. He has no loyalty to anyone except his own body parts.

(9) He blames others in the relationship. His victims are objectified and disposable.

(10) His lack of conscience is shocking, incomprehensible and emotionally painful to the victim. He can suddenly end the relationship, without any compassion. The woman victim is quickly discarded as he cultivates a "new perfect partner". Or she may be able to end the relationship, and salvage what she can.

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