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Charismatic Witchcraft in the church

Let us take a look at how witches, satanism, eastern mysticism and occult practices have slithered into the church.

There are a number of converted witches going around in the United States warning that satanists and practicing witches are infiltrating the church especially the charismatic churches and there have been a few books about the subject. Some of you may have read them and they suggested the diabolical plot to move into the churches posing as super-spiritual Christians and they come to deceive and shipwreck the pastor, to defeat the pastor and also bring the multitude into occult worship and satanism. These converted witches claim that the evil witches are already firmly established in numerous churches and that they're already in control of certain classes and their controlling congregations and they're causing death and divorce and wickedness and great confusion. David Wilkerson, March 5, 1990 [video, text]

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Here is a letter from an ex-witch speaking about Harry Potter. Watch video or text version.

Persecution from Hollywood...more expose type films... most brazen attempt by the devil to put down and ridicule all religion having to do with the blood of Jesus Christ. Never in American history was it done before...revivalists and evangelical ministers are going to be stereotyped as ...charlatans ...comedians. More and more movie makers are going to attempt to debunk our morals.

Gospel preaching churches and ministers are going to come under special attack while at the same time the occult and witchcraft will be glorified and sensationalized... comedy shows will become bolder. Comedy writers ... will put down sacred traditions and eventually.... punctuated with 4 letter words and anything will go on television. Television programmers will become absolutely blaphemous while millions of unbelievers will be laughing. -David Wilkerson, 1973 Prophecy - The Vision-

I used to do this as a witch. It was one of my favorite sorcery techniques. This is not found anywhere in scripture ok. The few who ascended in scripture didn't use any techniques, it was a direct act of God. He did it by his will timing and power. Astral Projection is accomplished by the use of demonic assistance and is willed by the praticioner. It is an act of high sorcery.... -Ron Harnage, a former occultist, read Ron's testimony-

What is wrong with Harry Potter? Twilight? Dungeons and Dragons? Yoga? Martial Arts? Astral Projection? Hypnosis? Horoscopes?

The following pages explain the details of how the Harry Potter stories and others are teaching children and adults about how to use witchcraft and the actual demonic powers within it. Refer also to occult terms we have used on this website.




I am a living victim. I have been under the spells and attacks of withcraft for years without knowing what was wrong. It was my step-mother. She is one of the leading members of a PENTICOSTAL church. So, nobody would suspect her. She took my name to their meeting and they started dealing me a blow. They turned my life upside down. There is no aspect of my life they didn,t touch. I am a Nigerian, resident in Europe. They still delegate|assign their AGENTS against me. They have their agents all around. The witches are deadly. They are the height of wickedness. There are no such things as a GOOD WITCH. -Nene, Witchcraft Spells and You: What a Believer Needs to Know-

Here you have RELIGIOUS MAGAZINES that are run by the Illuminati [satanists], speakers who are members within their organization, or collaborators who have been bought by them over the years. -John Todd, The Collins Family-

David Wilkerson said in a 1973 vision he had that "the occult and witchcraft would become sensationalized." This is exactly what we see happening today.

The 1968 film, Rosemary's Baby was a good illustration of how easily these witches have infiltrated the church and society as a whole. They have learned how to blend in so well that anyone who has the discernment to recognize them and expose them is considered off their rocker. We are now entering an age where it is becoming acceptable to be a witch but anyone who exposes their evil takeover plots or rituals is still considered to be off their rocker. Folks, they are in the churches. They are even the church leaders. They have brought into the church all sorts of ungodly crafts, false doctrine, and demon spirits.

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