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Charismatic Witchcraft in the church

Let us take a look at how witches, satanism, eastern mysticism and occult practices have slithered into the church.

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Western Christianity has largely become occultic. It is using typical occultic, Wiccan and Satanic practices whilst using all the terminology of the Bible. You only have to look at 'New Age Christianity' to see how the Bible is co-opted (and perverted) into serving the occult. Only the other day I came across a website for 'Christian witches.' They do all the occult crafts (like casting spells, etc.) whilst talking about Christian 'love' and 'tolerance'. These witches have simply seized (knowingly or unknowingly) upon what is basically an already occultised Christianity (mostly Roman Catholicism) and slightly modified it. Wiccans and other occultists know that these 'Christians' are simply 'working magick' under a false spirit and therefore represent no threat to them. -Read Jezebel: The End Time Queen of Heaven Demoness-

Thirteen Goals of a Witch

How much this sounds like false prophet teaching and today's church goers who seek power and write their own definitions of what is good while they cast everyone out of their way who gets in the way of whatever they want.


Know yourself
Know your Craft
Keep your thoughts in good order
Apply knowledge with wisdom
Exercise the body
Achieve balance
Keep your words in good order
Breathe and eat correctly
Celebrate life
Attune with the cycles of the Earth
Honor the Goddess and GOD

Do Not Play With Demons

This whole Twilight garbage is harmful, dangerous and occultic. Yet, Christians by the droves (mainly young girls) have been posting love sick desires for Edward and this fascination of vampires. If Edward was a real being, he would have been literally cast into a lake which will burn for eternity. Vampires have a connection to fallen angels. -Christopher Gregory-

As a former witch, I can speak with authority when I say that I have examined the works of Rowling and that the Harry Potter books are training manuals for the occult. -Pastor David J. Meyer,

Just as Harry Potter is preparing children up to age 12 for Antichrist, so "The Lord of the Rings" is preparing people 12 years of age through Adulthood, for Antichrist. Thus, we have a logical tie-in between Harry Potter and "The Lord of the Rings". . .

These young people were not Christians. They were caught up in a cult. Their preacher never told them the truth about witchcraft because he practiced it himself. These young people were deceived into worshiping a false god. They loved evil and sought knowledge and power- just like Lucifer when the Lord kicked him out of Heaven.

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Do not play with demons

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils. 1 Timothy 4:1

Like Deaton, June, Justin and Bethany were observant Christians, enthralled by fantasy fiction and devoted to Harry Potter. The group members began comparing themselves to the four Pevensie children in The Chronicles of Narnia, who enter a universe mastered by evil, win renown as soldiers in the army of a resurrected Messiah and finally assume their places as kings and queens of a renewed world. They spent many hours discussing the Harry Potter books and films, which they approached with "a religious devotion," according to Herrington, whom they briefly resisted admitting to the group, because it would have broken the symmetry. The works "fueled our sense of being on a divine mission," says Herrington. "One of their chief attractions was a sense of belonging to a secret club with exclusive access to knowledge and power. That was the root of our whole ideology." The magic at the heart of the books would always inform his understanding of his own divine power. -Bethany Deaton Murder at IHOP-

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