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Have you been left behind?

Millions of people have just disappeared. Why are you still here? What happens next?

I Wish We'd All Been Ready, sung and written by Larry Norman. Watch video on youtube.

Have you been left behind?

Immediately after the disappearances you are probably seeing a whole lot of chaos. So what happens next? "What Happens After the Rapture"

This song by Larry Norman always makes me so sad because it reminds me of all the people throughout my life who have rejected me, or rejected the Lord. When the trumpet calls and the Lord takes us home there will be no more opportunity for anyone to reconcile with those they have hurt.

We have written this page for all those who have missed the rapture but Jesus is giving you one last opportunity to make a decision to accept Him or reject Him. Accept Him NOW and you can still make the Second Coming when Jesus will come back for you at the end of the tribulation. Our salvation pages will help to answer some of your questions about preparing for the Lord's Second Coming. If you can find a Bible, then you need to begin reading the New Testament which begins with the Book of Matthew. Please read and study the entire New Testament.


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What to do if you're left behind

Watch on youtube

Informational Films

A Thief in the Night: Part 1
A Thief in the Night: A Distant Thunder: Part 2
A Thief in the Night: Image of the Beast: Part 3
A Thief in the Night: The Prodigal Planet: Part 4
Apocalypse- Caught in the Eye of the Storm
Gone (2002 RiverRain Productions)
no free copy available
Six- The Mark Unleashed
The Gathering
No free copy available
The Moment After
Parts 1 and 2
Years of the Beast

Please note that these films are not 100% to the Bible. In "The Moment After" they portray a man taking the mark and then having it removed and making a decision for Christ. According to the Bible such options will not be available. Once anyone takes the mark of the beast, then their decision is sealed (read 2 Thessalonians 2). Whether or not this mark will actually be removable will make no difference at all. The most accurate films are "The Thief in the Night" and "Years of the Beast."