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What happened to me at Trinity Music City in Hendersonville-Nashville, Tennessee

****My Public Statement (video)****

Here is my story

Betrayed and defiled, falsely accused and arrested, threatened, harassed, stalked, slandered, persecuted, SHUNNED, and abandoned... all by unholy PREACHERS (Read this anonymous testimony of a jezebel spirit encounter.)

Writer: Admin | June 2012 (updated April 2015)

God rescued me from the eternal damnation of the COUNTERFEIT CHURCH, but I can't say that I have been over-joyed by the manner in which it took to wake me up. I have been through a lot of emotional trauma from all the confusion which Satan creates. However, according to this scripture in Luke, I must be highly blessed.

BLESSED are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall SEPARATE YOU [from their company], and shall reproach [you], and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake. Luke 6:22

We are very saddened to find that people who we believed were genuine Christians, good people and trustworthy have turned out to be stone cold liars and pretenders. And despite the beating that mom and I have taken by sharing this story we will continue to share the gospel on this website. People all over the world need to know that Satan has a COUNTERFEIT OF EVERYTHING God does. If you do not believe that then it is because you are already blinded by deceit. People who go sneaking around lying, scheming, bad mouthing and devising evil behind others backs is no Christian and they have no integrity.

THE WOLVES in SHEEPS CLOTHING (a.k.a. the TBN mafia)

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly. John 10:10

wolves in sheeps clothing

That is just what they did- steal, kill, and destroy. Martin (Marty) P. Layton and Matthew John Dentino were the two men who schemed to have me removed from church and arrested at Trinity Broadcasting Network in order to keep me from exposing them. These men are evil, dangerous, lying, scheming charlatans who influenced local law enforcement with a bribe to discredit my character and integrity. I was in communication with TBN's attorney, John Casoria, (also a relative of Jan Crouch) for four months.

John told me repeatedly that I had done nothing wrong and was welcomed on the grounds any time I wanted but in spite of John's position as TBN's attorney he allowed Marty Layton to over-rule him.

Hear the word of the LORD, ye that tremble at his word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name's sake, said, Let the LORD be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed. Isaiah 66:5

Fakers and jezebels operating in the church do not want real and DISCERNING Christians who will expose their false, dammable doctrines or occult teachings to be sitting in their services. Jesus never forced anyone to leave his services much less have them arrested, not even the demon possessed. Jesus discerned the evil spirits and cast them out of people! Why do we not see devils and demons being cast out of these churches today? These men appear to have jezebel spirits and they are on POWER TRIPS (Proverbs 25:27Bible quote[It is] not good to eat much honey: so [for men] to search their own glory [is not] glory.Proverbs 25 verse 27) obsessed with fame and glory to themselves, taking all the money they can get out of people, and clinging to celebrities!

jezebels are obsessed with the limelight

The spirit of witchcraft seeks a legitimate front. To look good, those operating in witchcraft surround themselves with men and women of character. They try to associate themselves with credible people and others with good reputations in an attempt to make it look like they're part of that group. Simon, a sorcerer, for example, joined Philip's ministry team in Samaria (Acts 8). The Apostle Peter discerned Simon's motives and rebuked him. -Jonas Clark, Exposing Witchcraft: Discerning How Witchcraft Spirits Attack,

But as for you, ye thought evil against me; [but] God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as [it is] this day, to save much people alive. Genesis 50:20

What these charlatans have done to me is called "DEFAMATION" of character.

Defamation is defined in legal terms as

Defamation is the inclusive term, including both slander and libel. In other words libel and slander are both defamation, but libel is printed and slander is spoken. Defamation occurs when someone makes a false, unprivileged statement about someone to a third party, which attacks the person's professional character or standing, claims that an unmarried person is unchaste, claims the person has a sexually transmitted disease, or that the person has committed a crime of moral turpitude. Stated another way, to constitute defamation the statement must falsely accuse the plaintiff of immoral, illegal or unethical conduct. Generally, the statement must harm the reputation of the person, but in the case of per se defamation, damages will be presumed. This last point is very important, because if a plaintiff had to prove actual damage, the burden of proof in most cases would be nearly impossible.

The Bible calls it MURDER! If the slander these men have spoken about me were true then they would speak in front of me instead of behind my back.

Marty Layton, a manipulator, purposefully set out to connect with any person I associated with and then he spread lies about me to them in order to turn the person against me, even the people who said they could never be persuaded fell for the garbage. People are falling like flies for the false prophecies, flatteries, charms, and enchantments being brought against them. The Bible calls this behavior "EVIL" (Exodus 22:18Bible quoteThou shalt not suffer a witch to live.Exodus 22 verse 18). The BIBLE clearly identifies for us who is Christian and who is not. Read The Test of a True Christian.

Where was these men's brotherly LOVE for me? (John 13:35Bible quoteBy this shall all [men] know that ye are my disciples, if ye have LOVE one to another.John 13 verse 35, Psalm 40:14Bible quoteLet them be ashamed and confounded together that seek after my soul to destroy it; let them be driven backward and put to shame that wish me evil.Psalm 40 verse 14)

My, I was so DUMB to get involved with counterfeits like this, but much more dumb it is for those who deny truth and remain under these mens false, dammable teaching.

Read more about these two fake preachers and what they did

Here is something to consider:

► If I was as "obsessed" as these men want people to believe then why would I have stopped going to the services?
► Why then were people asking me to come back to the services?
► Why was I being stalked on the grounds?
► Why did Matt get angry and stomp out of my house after I treated him like a friend?
► Why was I arrested when I decided to go back to a service one evening?
► If I was doing something illegal then why didn't these men appear in court to publicly tell whatever I was supposed to be so guilty of?

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