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Teaching Sermons

Rev. Joseph and Emma Caetta

Rev. Joseph and Emma Caetta

On the following pages we have listed all of the sermons that mom and I have to share of grandpa's preaching, and we have listed a few other preachers and Bible prophecy teachers too.

Most of grandpa's sermons were never recorded. He never had the means to record until the early 1970s near the end of his life. Most of these sermons have been professionally restored to digital media. Some of them I did myself. Mom and I are heartbroken that the master tapes were such poor quality. We realize that it is difficult to understand much of grandpa's voice in these sermons. We have done the best we can do to make them playable. The antiquity of the cassette tapes have changed my grandfather's voice a bit. We regret that some of the sermons are so broken up. For some, parts are missing altogether, but time has taken a toll on the old media.

While remastering these tapes was the first time hearing grandpa's voice since before he passed away in 1980. We had forgotten his voice. I cannot tell you how difficult this has been to do. Grandpa would be elated to know that any of his material would ever reach an entire world.

My grandfather's videos and others that we have made are available on the following websites:

Rev. Joseph Caetta

sermons are listed in alphabetical order

Bible Prophecy and Current Events

Ed Hindson
Jack Van Impe
Illuminati Mystery Babylon
Israeli News Live with Ben DeNoon
Revelation Prophecies
Secretary of State John Kerry calls Israel and 'apartheid' state
The Millennial Kingdom
The U.N. and the Occult Agenda
What Happens After the Rapture

Bible Teaching

Are you ready to meet King Jesus?
Adrian Rogers
Over 100 sermons at youtube and youtube
Billy Graham, Charles Stanley, Johanna Michaelson, Paul Washer, Will Curtis
Fear Of God Has Been Lost In The Church
It Costs Something To Follow Jesus Christ
Merchandising in the Church
Ray Comfort
Satan's Message
The Finger of God... or is it?
The Rapture
Who is Jesus?

End Times Witnessing Films

A Thief in the Night: Part 1
A Thief in the Night: A Distant Thunder: Part 2
A Thief in the Night: Image of the Beast: Part 3
A Thief in the Night: The Prodigal Planet: Part 4
Apocalypse- Caught in the Eye of the Storm
Six- The Mark Unleashed
The Gathering
Currently unavailable
The Moment After
Parts 1 and 2
Years of the Beast

Please note that these films are not 100% to the Bible. In "The Moment After" they portray a man taking the mark and then having it removed and making a decision for Christ. According to the Bible such options will not be available. Once anyone takes the mark of the beast, then their decision is sealed (read 2 Thessalonians 2). Whether or not this mark will actually be removable will make no difference at all. The most accurate films are "The Thief in the Night" and "Years of the Beast."

Additional Videos

Angels and Demons: True Life Encounters
Celebrities in the Occult
Crisis in Morality
Kim Clement's Secrets
Whose Side Are You On

Everything is winding up. . . Every prophecy is being fulfilled. . . The ends of all things have come upon us... Then I know that every foolish, frivolous thing in my life has to go out the window. When I sense by the spirit and He begins to speak so strongly...then I know that every ungodly ambition has to end. Every covetous desire has to go. Every root of bitterness, every selfish dream, every attachment to the things of this world, everything that's corrupted or hindered a blessed communion with Jesus, it all has to go. Things have to change. It can't be life as usual. There has to be something we do. There has to be a change in our walk with God. -David Wilkerson, A Craving for His Presence-