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Reverend Joseph Caetta's sermons

PLEASE NOTE: Following are some of the sermons my grandfather preached near the end of his life. Most were never recorded. He never had the means to record until the early 1970s. Most of these sermons have been professionally restored to digital media. Some of them I did myself. Mom and I are heartbroken that the master tapes were such poor quality. We realize that it is difficult to understand much of grandpa's voice in these sermons. We have done the best we can do to make them playable. The antiquity of the cassette tapes have changed my grandfather's voice a bit. We regret that some of the sermons are so broken up. For some, parts are missing altogether, but time has taken a toll on the old media. Grandpa would be elated to know that any of his material would ever reach an entire world. -Admin-

Rev. Joseph Caetta

Awakening of God's People
Between the Testaments and the New Testament
Christian Go Forward
Ecclesiastes Reprobate Mind of the World
Enmity Between Thy Seed and Her Seed
Fears in the Catholic Church
Gog and Magog [Part 1 of 2]
Gog and Magog [Part 2 of 2]
Highlights of Prophecy - The Coming Great Revival
Highlights of Prophecy - The World as a Wilderness
[Not yet available]
I Am the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley
In Brief the Seven Churches
International Struggle for Power
Millennial Reign (Part 1 only)
Mystery Babylon [Part 1 of 3]
Mystery Babylon [Part 2 of 3]
Mystery Babylon [Part 3 of 3]
Revelation Six- The Four Horseman [Part 1 of 3]
Revelation Six- Mark of the Beast [Part 2 of 3]
Revelation Six- Now It's Time To Reap [Part 3 of 3]
Sanctification- Lost and Found
Sunday School Lessons for Teenagers [1]
Sunday School Lessons for Teenagers [2] [Segment 1 of 2]
Sunday School Lessons for Teenagers [2] [Segment 2 of 2]
Satan and Fear [Part 3 - Parts 1 and 2 are missing]
The Good and the Bad
The Great Commission [Part 1 of 2]
The Great Commission [Part 2 of 2]
The Greatest Battle of the Ages [Part 1 of 2]
The Greatest Battle of the Ages [Part 2 of 2]
The Jewish Lamp Stand [Part 1 of 5]
The Jewish Lamp Stand [Part 2 of 5]
The Jewish Lamp Stand [Part 3 of 5]
The Jewish Lamp Stand [Part 4 of 5]
The Jewish Lamp Stand [Part 5 of 5]
The Lambs Wife - New Jerusalem
The Little Horn
The Prodigal Daughter
The Prodigal Son
Wise Men Following the Star

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