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Illuminati CONTROLLED!

NOTE: It appears to us that Godtube is preventing our videos from their website from operating outside of their website. In other words, 'embedded' videos from their website are not working. Now I cannot upload videos either. This is just more harassment. -Admin-

There are no first amendment rights of free speech on! Godtube is silencing every word I make. The illuminati attack and the one world church bows to the serpent.

Marty Layton has been fighting to keep this false prophecy off the internet. This prophecy was spoken in HIS OWN WORDS. What was the big secret about it?

THE SECRET has been that it shows a "premeditated plot" to wreak havoc in my life.

And MAYBE, just maybe, Marty Layton did not want a particular person at Trinity Broadcasting to hear this video? Ah, what a revelation!

False prophet Marty Layton complained about the video I publicly shared exposing he and Matt Dentino's "PREMEDIATED PLANS" and then FALSELY accused me of the following:

7. You will not harass, threaten, embarrass or distress members, either in the community itself or via personal email, phone, physical mail or in person. You will not engage in name-calling or personal attacks in the course of discussion or debate. You will not post inflammatory remarks simply for the purpose for evoking reaction or starting fights with other community members (Often referred to as "trolling"). Overall, promoting a spirit of divisiveness in the community areas will not be tolerated.

a. Attacking the character or motives of someone who differs with your view or denying that he or she is a Christian is unacceptable. [Source:]

Ah, yes, the NEW WORLD CHURCH bible says that all people go to Heaven except for those that they do not like. Excuse me, Godtube, but the BIBLE clearly identifies for us who is Christian and who is not. (Read The Test of a True Christian.) You are calling 'good' evil and 'evil' good. Your company is clearly antichrist.

Screenshot of video

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Screenshot of false prophecy video

Hahaha... guess this near 500,000 likes is for something else. Pretty deceiving! I think that godtube may also be hiding the true Facebook "Likes" for our videos!

I am not guilty of any of the above false accusations so excuse me, but where does the above apply even to this video?

This false prophecy is now available on audio or video at ML's false prophecies to me.

These imposters spend their lives dishing out evil to others, wreaking havoc, wrecking lives and relationships, jobs and more but when someone like me has the GUTS to EXPOSE THEM then they RUN and cry that someone is not being very nice. Oh boo hoo!

What a HOOT these Christian pretenders are! They shut out the truth at any cost and fool masses of gullible, biblically ignorant people!


WHO was being threatened in this video? WHO has been harassed, threatened, embarrassed, distressed, name called, and inflammatory remarks made against? ME!!!!!!!!

So spreading lies about me, putting me out of the church, and turning a town against me with false accusations was not "DIVISIVE"?

WHO was slandering me with lies in 2011 and calling me a jezebel? ...MATT and MARTY

WHO was setting me up to harm me? ...MATT and MARTY

WHO was stalking me? ...MATT and MARTY

Putting someone out of the church, having them arrested and humiliated, slandering them, taking their job and turning them against church is not considered hateful or divisive to the apostate church. Here again we see another TBN supporter trying to shut down the truth. They say it is okay to make threats to me, to stalk me, to take my job, to harm me, but if I in any way speak up about it then I am to be silenced, they think.

Anyone who speaks up against these BULLIES is considered "divisive" and mean in the eyes of the brainwashed, reprobate minds of the apostates. WHAT HYPOCRISY!

Godtube Only Wants 'Cute,' 'Funny,' or 'Inspirational'

Anything having to do with God's message of the Cross, salvation, repentance, sin, false prophets or Bible prophecy is unacceptable material. It may not be long before they will remove all of our videos from their website. All I ever see advertised in a chaotic mess on their website is BLASPHEMOUS JUNK! I found the following information on's "About" page. Can you see what is missing here? is a video sharing platform offering online Christian videos with faith-based, family friendly content. Popular video sections on Godtube include; Christian bands and singers in Christian music videos, Christian comedians and comedy skits, spoofs and parodies in funny videos, cute videos featuring kids and animals, sports videos, Christian news videos and inspirational videos. Be inspired in your walk with Jesus Christ and grow in your knowledge of the Bible with videos highlighting inspirational messages and verses.

The following words are's video "tag list." Again, do you see yet what is missing here?

praise and worship, pastor, missions, ministries, church, spoken word, devotionals, good samaritans, hallelujah, hell, hymns, near death experiences, random acts of kindness, singing, skit guys, speeches, Easter (they celebrate the pagan god!)

american idol, flash mob, america's got talent, animals, arch bonnema, auditions, x factor, Britains got talent, cats, children, dancing, dogs, dog tricks, duck dynasty, first dance, father daughter dance, fourth of july, heroes, homecoming, jackie evancho, jeanne robertson, louie giglio, minecraft, national anthem, nick vujicic, patriotic, proposals, soldier, steve harvey, the voice, weddings

They claim to be "faith-based" to help people in their walk and knowledge with Jesus Christ, BUT where is the BIBLE teaching? Where are the sermons? Where is the Bible prophecy? Where are the videos about the coming of the Lord? Where are the WITNESSING videos to tell people about repentance, Hell, conviction, and how to get saved?

You know, in this case, it really is not all of godtube's fault. Preacher's and the so called "Christian" community is entirely to blame for this. Godtube is responding to what people are asking for. Do you see yet how led astray the church has become?