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False Teacher Matt Dentino


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****My Public Statement (video)****

To sum up Matt in a nutshell... "Life is all about me." (Proverbs 25:27Bible quote[It is] not good to eat much honey: so [for men] to search their own glory [is not] glory.Proverbs 25 verse 27) Read The Jezebel Pastor / Minister.

jezebel has much ambition

26. Is ambitious - The Jezebel has strong desire, but all for self. "I want what I want when I want it," describes his worship of self-will. A Jezebel leader will never use the words, "We have a vision," but rather, "My vision is thus and so." -Steve Sampson, Confronting Jezebel-

He has been brainwashed. He’s not the same person you met six months ago. He’s under some kind of influence. -Name Withheld, Read more-

SCENARIO: Matt bothered me for a month to see him. Then he seduced me. Then he made me feel sorry for him and care for him. Then his alternate personality began to manifest and he said that he wanted a 'private conversation' with Marty Layton about me (obviously so he could plot how to bury me). Then he stalked me, threatened me, and had me ARRESTED in order to get me out of his life and destroy mine. I was LURED into this mess. (Emails)

The Great Pretender

Illuminati controlled puppet, Matt Dentino

Illuminati controlled puppet, Matt Dentino. Learn more about the illuminati's control at The Illuminati and the Music Industry.

Double agent, double-minded, and narcissist who pretends to be an ordained minister of God at Outreach Ministries International CULT in Old Hickory near Nashville, Tennessee, an American patriot (ha ha, or so he thinks he is!)-political activist for the Tea Party in Nashville, Tennessee, a member of The Black Robe Regiment (also referred to as The Christian Mafia and more), and an actor and musician but he lives a double life. He is an abuser., controller and manipulator, a liar and he secretly works for the illuminati. (Read The Link Between the Vatican, Italian Mafia and the Illuminati.)

What Matt did to me

...making threats, gestures or movements that are meant to frighten and intimidate, isolation, manipulation, insults, belittled me, called me names and my mother names, put downs, trying to intimidate me, public humiliation, cause intense emotional pain, talking down to me, not listening to or respecting my feelings, minimizing and denying my hurt feelings, being jealous, controlling, claim to be all powerful and all knowing, spying, following me for no reason to attempt to scare me, telling me where I can and cannot go, making me feel like I need to justify myself, shaming me publicly and privately, playing mind games with me, twisting everything around so nothing was his fault and all of his behavior was caused by something I did or didn’t do, accusing me of doing things that he was doing, lying, manipulating me for control or sex, "the silent treatment" (which is witchcraft!), distorting reality so to make me think I was losing my mind, attempting to make me feel like I was going crazy, threatening to "out" me, spreading rumors about me, sabotaging my relationship with friends, DELIBERATELY STARTING ARGUMENTS, blowing my mistakes way out of proportion, he never kept any promises, he caused me to lose two jobs with no opportunity to ever work again in this town,...misuse of Scripture to justify actions, "church abuse" where leadership have complete control over members based on fear and manipulation; extreme control.

See relationship abuses for more information, or to find support if you are in an abusive relationship.

Read more about manipulation

As much as some witches would like to claim the ethics of never violating another person's free will, that is exactly what witchcraft does. It forces, or attempts to force another person to do what he or she would not do otherwise.

Likewise, that is what manipulation does.

Manipulation uses the needs of others as leverage for one's own agenda. It may even pretend to be kind and good, helpful and trustworthy while gaining the upper hand for ulterior motives.

Jezebel is often referenced as a witch (2 Kings 9:22). In 1 Kings 21, she tricked Naboth by setting him on high among the people in order to obtain his property for her husband. Just as she manipulated her community, so witches manipulate the spirit realm in order to obtain their desires.

I've heard it said that manipulation is like a dog that's licking your face while urinating on your shoes. I can tell you this: every person who ever spiritually deceived me flattered me in the process.

A manipulator has to be the one who makes all the rules, and is only concerned with how he or she benefits from them. Never mind the risk or cost to another. -Pennie DeWitt, Manipulation: The Heart of Witchcraft,

While he stands as a leader with the tea party proclaiming American freedom he took my rights away to attend church free of harassment in order to cover up his own dirt. Then he took away my Constitutional rights as an American citizen to have a fair court hearing. I never did a damn thing! Yet I was scrutinized and harassed. He set me up to be harmed by this secret society and has sought to destroy my life just like all filthy politicians and fake preachers do. He threatened me to delete all email between us so that I would have nothing written to expose him but all was not lost. I posted to this site what remained. To restate something Matt said to me once, "It seems that I know too much for my own good."

jezebels think they are already know everything better than you or anyone else

25. Knows it all - A Jezebel is usually blatant regarding his knowledge of everything. Quick to express his opinion in any area, he leaves little room for anyone to point out the other side of an issue. He has made idols of his opinions. -Steve Sampson, Confronting Jezebel-

The law is corrupt and rules in favor of the wicked (Psalm 82:2Bible quoteHow long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah.Psalm 82 verse 2). He and Marty who should be in jail are still free and standing behind pulpits today deceiving others with their fake ministries and false teachings. Matt sold his soul out to Satan for money and promised fame. The most devastating betrayal of my life when you think someone is a Christian and you find out they are not. This was a Judas Iscariot story. Judas, the son of perdition, ate with and prayed with Jesus who did nothing wrong but then Judas accepted money in exchange for turning Jesus over to Pontius Pilate. Jesus was arrested then crucified. So it was done unto me by Matt. Jesus called Judas "a devil" (John 6:70Bible quoteJesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?John 6 verse 70). Judas was so guilt stricken that he hung himself. What will Matt do?

MATT's WRATH: I began walking on the grounds at TBN about everyday. The grounds were well kept and very beautiful and peaceful. It was a great place to walk, I thought. I live very close and it was very convenient for me. After using and mistreating me this really made dear ole Matt angry. Therefore he set out to obliterate me.

MATT's TACTICs: to create a picture that would make me look like a jezebel in order to justify his plot. He told me that it would be better if we were not seen together at church. I do not know entirely what this man has been telling people about me. The lies must be real doosies and pretty filthy. He has obviously twisted and subverted the truth in order to give people a false and very bad impression of me.

PROOF of the PLOT: Matt's 'private conversation' with Marty about me, my last words with Matt just six days prior to having me arrested, Marty Layton's false prophecy cursing me, Matt's Facebook comment. See the screenshot of Matt's FB post.

"Romans 16:20Bible quoteAnd the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ [be] with you. Amen.Romans 16 verse 20 The peace of Christ will soon crush jezzie's skull! " -Matt,, June 26, 2011-

This was a very serious DEATH THREAT and he was asking the LORD to do it. Since Matt has FALSELY ACCUSED me of being this jezebel this comment made directly after he talked privately with Marty to, according to him, help him "decide what to do with [me]," and it was 1 month and 3 days prior to his publicly humiliating me and having me arrested. This was more PROOF of the PLOT. I do believe this was Satan speaking through him. He and Marty, of course, have kept pretty much everything from my view because it would have added to a lawsuit against them.

The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, [that there is] no fear of God before his eyes. For he flattereth himself in his own eyes, until his iniquity be found to be hateful. The words of his mouth [are] iniquity and deceit: he hath left off to be wise, [and] to do good. He deviseth mischief upon his bed; he setteth himself in a way [that is] not good; he abhorreth not evil. Psalm 36:1-4

It was not until 4 years later that I discovered that death threat since Mr. Dentino conveniently blocked his Facebook profile from the public prior to having me arrested until some time long after that.

After hearing all the things that Marty was trying to convince me of regarding his false prophecy, a person has to wonder what kind of person would buy into his false rebuttals of what he already said? I have pondered this and thought, either Matt has been incredibly stupid, or he is so mind controlled that he has lost his own free will to think for himself, or these two had this massive scheme planned for a very long time, . . .or what?

Matt turned me away from church. I will never again step foot inside or near another 'hell haven.' I DO NOT want to catch what these people have! If Matt was a genuine Christian then he would know what the Bible says and he would be convicted of lying, covering up his scam against me, of murdering me. He even used his own relative to pretend to be my friend and then stab me in the back again. His conscience has been seared (1 Timothy 4:2Bible quoteSpeaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.1 Timothy 4 verse 2). Matt can murder someone without batting an eye. As Matt's false preacher friend, Gary Stacey, once said, he is "cold as ice." Read Characteristics of a Jezebel Spirit in a Man and the Signs of Pride, being haughty and high-minded.

This story spells WITCHCRAFT!

Maybe hypnosis? Mind control? Read How the Illuminati Programs People [website has been removed!]

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Matt Hates Women

I must keep this brief so to make my point he specifically seeks out women whom he believes he can manipulate and control. He sexually uses them wherever the urge strikes him- in a church, a car, somebody's home. He does not care. It is all about him. He wins women's attentions with kindness and boyish charms. Then his other personality arises which is full of hatred and revenge. So he fabricated lies to make me look worthy of being arrested. Another lady he ordered into court to get a restraint order against her. What about the numerous women in California, Washington, Illinois, New York, Virginia, and Tennessee who he has frightened into keeping quiet?

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