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Rev. Joseph Caetta was ordained as an Assemblies of God preacher. He later became ordained as a Baptist preacher. With that said, we are NOT supporting any denomination, or preacher or televangelist. We believe that if grandma and grandpa were still living today that they would both disassociate themselves from all denominations and preachers who have gone apostate. Again, with that said, we are also not necessarily in agreement with every external website we share on our own website. We share many page links to other websites and provide valuable information from those sites but we do not necessarily know the owners or are aware of everything they believe.

External websites or page links we share on our website is not necessarily an endorsement of that website, company, or ministry. There are so many different theologies being presented in these last days and we cannot possibly keep up with what other people believe. We can only attempt to share a small portion of what we learn about other ministries, or share valuable information they learn.

Though the New King James Version (NKJV), New International Version (NIV), or New Living Translation (NLT) or a few others is sometimes used on this website we strongly recommend reading the King James Version only because all these other translations have been altered from the original version. And while the Authorized King James is a translation from the original Hebrew and Greek it is still the closest English translation to the original Bible. is NOT affiliated with the like domain name of any .com or .net, or any social network page that you do not find directly on this .org. There are other people using our domain name, whether maliciously or not, if we are not directly connected to the page from our .org then the page does not belong to us. We are not connected in any way with websites that share occult material, witchcraft, filthy or pornographic pictures other than to cite the source of some necessary occult information for the sole purpose of informing others in truth.

We are not affiliated with any religious denomination. We are not a business or non-profit organization. The purpose of this website is strictly to promote the good news of Jesus Christ.