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Investigating satanic crimes


Multiple Personality Disorder and Satanic Ritual Abuse (known as MPD and SRA) are very common in the hidden underworld. From the cases I have seen on this it appears that demon possession can have multiple personalities, but not every individual who has multiple personalities is demon possessed. Many times MPD occurs from trauma.

I believe that some portion of missing children are being used as child sacrifices in satanic cults. Just how many is unknown. . .and it's not only children who become victims to this hell but adults too. One of the ugliest and most unbearable truths about it all is how well known people in high positions who are very wealthy are willing participants serving Satan.

The Rockefellers were involved in the creation of the FBI, so that the FBI has always been an arm of power for the Illuminati. That is why there are official FBI programs in action today to kidnap children and provide them for sacrifice. -Fritz Sprinmeier, The Rockefeller Bloodline-

I used to have a couple of very interesting video's posted here but it appears that anyone who uploads good information about the illuminati. and other secret societies to eventually gets their video's forced off the internet. It's quite obvious what is happening.

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NEWS1875d - M.M.E.A. - MULTIPLE MICRO ELECTRODE ARRAY IMPLANTABLE CHIP -- IS IT JUST ANOTHER "SATANIC INSERT" WHICH HAVE BEEN USED BY COVENS FOR OVER 4,000 YEARS? Part 4 of 5 -- Satanists make extensive use of special inserts in a person's body who is in witchcraft, or a person they wish to control. The Biblical Mark of the Beast would be a natural "insert" for the most powerful Satanist witch in world history to use to control the entire population of the world. and

Perpetrators live double lives. They can clearly be leaders in the church and look like a good public figure. They will fool you.

About half of the Illuminati people I know have had their parentage hidden from them. Many of the those who still know who their real parents are, still do not know what bloodline they belong to until the liluminati chooses to reveal it to them. Most of the Illiuminati have MPD. When high level Satanists do not have MPD they very often emotionally break under the stress of the horrible blood rituals that are requIred. Recently, a non-MPD Satanist in Chicago emotionally broke and gave his life to Christ. (I have videos available of an interview of this man exposing Satanism.) -Fritz Sprinmeier, The Rockefeller Bloodline-