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Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

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MPD is a mental condition in which the personality becomes fragmented ("dissociated") into two or more distinct identities, each of which may become dominant and control behavior from time to time to the exclusion of the others. These identities are called "alter personalities" (often simply "alters") and each maintains its own integrity of characteristics and habits. Each has its own age, name, sex, intelligence, and personal tastes.

People suffering from MPD usually endured devastating traumas in childhood, such as incest, abuse, and ritual torture. Their minds were shattered by feelings of guilt, shame and terror. These emotions, along with the need to survive in the presence of dangerous circumstances, caused them to subconsciously divide their minds into alters to keep their condition hidden and to protect themselves from further harm. Certain information, memories, and feelings were encapsulated in specific personalities.

Kinds of Trauma That Can Create Multiple Personalities

Multiple personality disorder usually begins in childhood, because, unlike adults, children can't run from abuse. The only place they can hide is inside their heads. As the victim grows older, the separate personalities become even more autonomous, and each has its own special way of functioning in the everyday world.

The various alters of a multiple system cope internally like pieces of a pie. Each piece has a limited amount of coping power. When that limit is reached, the switch to a different alter may occur. In this way, many alters that are part of the system absorb the emotional anguish and physical pain of the trauma.

From time to time one particular alter identity may be "out." When this happens, the host body and core personality of the victim's original identity may lose track of time.

Satanic cult programmers sometimes purposely create alters in victims through the use of trauma - both physical and emotional. Triggers are words or symbols that evoke previously implanted responses.

How is MPD Treated?

The treatment of MPD requires a comprehensive approach combing psychological therapy and spiritual intervention. Alter personalities must be integrated and evil spirits may need to be expelled. A demon is an externalized evil entity-seeking entry to promote the person's spiritual destruction. An alter is an internalized identity that facilitates the person's survival. Since the treatments for these two conditions are exactly opposite of each other (integration vs. exorcism), the therapist must make an accurate diagnosis to prevent further suffering in the afflicted person.

After a professional diagnosis, the doctor must identify the alters. Then, he must help the victim work through traumatic issues; continually distinguishing alters from demons (if both are present). Next, he must fuse alters into the host body and cancel Satan's legal grounds if a demon is present. The therapeutic aspects of integrating MPDs include encountering good and evil alters, dealing with animal alters, foreign languages, false memories, and self-abuse. Complete integration may take years.

Who is affected?

Many victims of MPD emerge from families that were involved in some form of the occult. Perhaps the most traumatized of MPD's are victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). An estimated 25 to 60% multiples have been subjected to ritual torture, sodomy, and mutilation. Conservative projections of ritual survivals have reached 100,000 in the United States alone.

Satanic cult programmers may purposely create alters in these subjects through the use of triggers, words, or symbols which evoke a previously implanted response.

For example, an SRA survivor may be programmed so that every time he sees the color red a self-mutilating alter will come out and cut the body. Some victims are subjected to advanced programming or mock communion and are told they will die on a certain dates or be systematically tortured or mutilated. Often, in satanic cults, certain alter personalities of those victimized by satanic ritual abuse are programmed (or brainwashed) to continue attending ceremonies to assure loyalty to the cult.

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