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MPD and SRA: Ritual Abuse Victims and the Churches Role

Writer: Will Curtis | 16 August 2000 | Broken Chains Ministries

This brief teaching will first discuss MPD/SRA/Bipolar victims in the church then I will go into some in-depth teaching about these victims of abuse and what to look for when there are some reasons to believe a person has "more than one personality."

The numbers of people who are MPD are staggering. An search on AOL, when looking for "key words" turns up numbers that blows the mind.

MPD stands for Multiple Personality Disorder and it is caused by SRA which is Satanic Ritual Abuse. While some say that simple "sexual abuse" can occasionally cause "disassociation" where memories are hidden back in the mind, which is true, for someone to have been fractured enough to have many different names/ personalities/ functions is ludicrous. (I will discuss the disassociations caused by trauma/sexual abuse later in this text).

MPD/SRA and the Church

In my dealings with those who contact me I repeatedly hear ritual abuse victims pouring out their painful encounters from their attempts to attend church and be accepted as a "child of GOD."

While many pastors and leadership may not read any further than this they need to know that THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO GOD AT THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST for the number of these 'little ones' who fall away from GOD because of the rejection they suffer from those who are supposed to be "servants" of their new HEAVENLY FATHER.

These people have been through mental anguish and torment from both their physical mothers, fathers, well as from the spirit realm. Because of doorways opened in rituals...they can often see and hear things in the spirit realm which torment them day and night. All the rituals are AIMED at making sure that the person is so "bound" that they never break free from the distorted view of GOD and love.

The average person has some problems accepting "the love of the FATHER" because of some dysfunction within the family that makes it hard to open up.

Most men find it VERY HARD to even consider seeing GOD as their "heavenly FATHER" and actually compare this to the relationship of their earthly fathers. (Which is usually more fear and rejection than anything else.) The normal relationship of father/son in the USA is "no kissing/touching" after about seven years old. It's not "manly." No outward affection is allowed.

There are exceptions but the inability to show love between the father and a child is most common. This goes for daughters also ESPECIALLY if the father was verbally, emotionally or sexually abusive. She has a problem totally trusting a male figure even if it is GOD. THIS WAS THE PLAN OF SATAN ALL ALONG!

Then here comes someone who's had every "dream" of receiving true LOVE from someone bashed to pieces. Their own families have destroyed all trust in themselves and others. Their "broken hearts" are constantly searching for someone to give them "unconditional love."

In every case I know of every one of those who were ritually abused they go from one abusive relationship to another. Despite the past pain they'll trust ANYONE if there's even the least chance that they'll get love. It is a never ending search and trying to be free from the lies and demonic strongholds of rejection, failure, anger, rape and all the fears that come with them. Endless nights of tormented sleep from dreams of past memories past abuse.

The psychologists try to cover up what's happening in society by calling them all "false memories." They even go so far as trying to "write off" the memories as "suggested" by someone.

NOW these people, through someone praying for them and GOD's sovereign intervention they finally accept JESUS as LORD or come through the doors of the church searching for HIS unconditional love and acceptance just as the word of GOD promises.

At first they may be excitedly approached saying "WELCOME!"

Things remain "okay" for a while until out of their pain and hurt they try to confide with someone of their occult past or abuse. These people did not ASK to be trained in the occult or abused. People treat them like they asked for it. The truth is their parents thrust them into rituals from the age of four years old. They come "trusting they will find acceptance, help and love" but instead they meet a church where demonic activity is denied and nobody knows how to help them. To separate these people from trusting GOD... often the abusers may dress in a white robe and beard and call themselves "JESUS."

When they decide to follow JESUS as LORD they get more abuse!

The pastor is afraid of crossing "denominational doctrine lines" and getting in trouble for saying that this woman may have demons yet has confessed "JESUS as LORD." The people start wild gossip and stories amongst themselves which fuels the fire of "fear" in the Christians. They verbally stone her.

The "Christians" damage them even more by saying "They are into witchcraft and coming here to curse us." Another favorite is getting in the persons face and "PIOUSLY" telling them "You're full of demons and you need to get rid of them" followed by the deepest wound that confirms what the demons tell them everyday, "YOU CAN'T BE SAVED! YOU HAVE DEMONS!"

They go away from their last hope of acceptance, deliverance and LOVE feeling more "filthy, unloveable" and going to hell on a rocket sled. Worse yet, they have basically been told "YOU ARE REJECTED BY GOD!" That's how it sounds to them when someone who claims to be a CHRISTIAN (which means Christ-like) rejects them that way.

No less than thirty times I've heard from ritual abuse victims that they were told, "I'm sorry but we can't do anything for you here. I think you should go find some place else where they can help you."

Actually...this is true. They do need to find some place else. There is no love there or those people would FIND OUT how to help. The pastor should HUMBLE himself enough to admit "he doesn't know it all" and seek information on how to help these people. Sadly most pastors only want "happy people" who are "good tithers." Not someone who needs serious help and will take from their social activites. OUCH! :-)

Sounds kinda like the Pharisees and Sadducees...huh? Those spirits are alive and well in the church of JESUS CHRIST today.

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