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Charismatic Witchcraft in the Church

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Writer: Will Curtis | 18 May 2000 | Broken Chains Ministries

Let me first explain that I am of the "charismatic" persuasion and I see the gifts of the spirit flowing in my ministry. This is not a rebuke against "charismatic’s" or those who believe in the power of GOD operating in today's churches and that we can see the same miracles today as shown in the example we are given in the NEW TESTAMENT. O.K.?

This subject is complicated but needs to be addressed in the church. There's many different types of charismatic prayers being spoken by "Christians." A few knowingly but most unknowingly. This is how they were taught to pray to bring about the desired results and leadership has not been taught the difference to correct the members. Some of the information you receive in this teaching may shock you and prayerfully will allow you to stop those who are praying in a "controlling way." Maybe help you to learn to hear a "curse" spoken before it has time to destroy.

Many in the church are praying in such a way, though the desired outcome is godly, that it brings death, pain and destruction of lives. I'll give you actual examples later in this document.

We all need to understand that when we speak, the words have the power to create and destroy. The "power of life and death are in the tongue." Those words continue to move in the spirit realm. This is why GOD "does nothing on the earth that is not spoken first by HIS prophets." Words set in motion the things which are to come to pass.

To expose the error flowing in the church today let's look at the very "heart" of GOD and how HE works to reach the lost. GOD calls to the heart of man to come into receiving faith for salvation. He woos, drawls, tugs on their hearts, sends witnesses to plant seeds and in ALL cases gives man FREE CHOICE to accept or receive JESUS and in turn eternal salvation. GOD doesn't force or demand. GOD won't by-pass or deny a persons right to free-choice.

Those who dabble in "witchcraft" have one desire. To have a hand in controlling circumstances around them to where the outcome is how they desire. Many call themselves "white witches" because the way they pray is NOT supposed to bring harm to anyone. Their prayers are directed to them fulfilling the object of their desires whether that be increased finances, personal relationships or other favor.

Their prayers are not unlike those spoken in the church today. Neither pray to the devil. Neither pray for evil or pain to befall those that stand in the way of their goals. Both have their desires set on seeing good come to pass. Trouble is these prayers get answered at a great cost by someone else.

MANY USE THE WORDS OF THE BIBLE in their prayers! Even Satan worshippers occasionally use the Holy Bible in their prayers. Satan used the Word of GOD in tempting JESUS. He took the Word and used different parts of it to make it sound the way he wanted it too.

Many pastors use selected verses in the Bible to control and manipulate the members. To keep the members or elders from questioning their agendas or use of church funds. (But we won't even get into that at this time)

GOD DOES NOT FORCE ANYONE TO DO ANYTHING— including getting saved, going to church, quitting alcohol, drugs or adultery. Sure, those are GOD’s "will" but HE will not bypass anyone’s free-will.

When you pray you are to ask GOD to work on peoples hearts to draw them into an understanding of GOD's love or for HIM to send someone who will witness the truth of the gospel. You never pray asking GOD to bend someone to your desires. You allow GOD, no matter what the need or prayer, to do it "HIS way." "GOD's Will be done."

The first example of Charismatic prayer is one I've seen occur twice in a national "full gospel denomination" which is in virtually every city in the USA. I've heard of it MANY times since then but I'll only use the two I've witnessed myself. The first time was 8 years ago when an older member of the church who was trying to get her husband saved. He did attend church two or three Sundays a month and while that doesn't mean someone is saved I believe he had accepted JESUS as LORD. The once or twice a month he'd miss church she'd get up and ask for prayer for her husband who was "bound by Satan." In truth, he was just being as stubborn as her. The more she nagged at him and tried to verbally beat him into a confession of accepting JESUS as LORD and Savior the more he was determined not to do it. Either way, in the Friday night prayer meetings she started praying "GOD, I've done all I can. I give up trying to get him to become a Christian. I turn him over to you and ask you to DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO HIM TO MAKE HIM GET SAVED."

The pastor and everyone agreed with her. The prayers intensified asking GOD to "do whatever is necessary."

After about three months of this the man had a stroke. He was in terrible condition in the hospital for the longest time. Never did get to go home. The pastor went to the hospital and the next Sunday the wife got up and told her story of CONQUEST and GOD making her husband get saved. She stood up to give praise to GOD for "answered prayers." She started to relate the story of her husband though all in the church knew it well. Then she added, "I just praise GOD that HE answers prayers. HE gave my husband a stroke then this week he confessed JESUS as LORD! He is now a Christian!! PRAISE GOD!" Everyone was clapping in agreement and praising GOD.

GOD is not the author of death, pain, infirmity or destruction. HE is a GOD of life and resurrection. A GOD of LOVE. A GOD of peace. Long-suffering. Yet, HE got the "glory" for bringing this man to near death... supposedly close to dying without accepting JESUS as LORD. He spent his remaining life in a rest-home. Does any of that sound like our GOD who's full of love and compassion???? That was the work of the "destroyer."

When you pray SOMETHING will answer that prayer one way or another. If it isn't GOD then it must be the enemy. That woman gave the devil legal right to attack her husband in the name of "salvation".

The second story was basically the same story. Her husband didn't come to church and had a drinking problem. She was tired of praying and praying but with no response. She prayed "whatever it takes LORD... make him see that he has to accept JESUS and quit living like a heathen!" This time it took about 6 months before he had a heart attack. It didn't even run in his family. While in the hospital he finally accepted/confessed JESUS as LORD. Like the other man he didn't live very long afterwards.

The problems evident in both relationships was that both women had a problem with CONTROL. The Bible tells us to draw the unbelieving spouse through showing the love of GOD in their lives and praying for them. These women used condemnation and attacks on the men trying to "scare them into the kingdom".

These men felt like many of today's youth. When they look at their parents who "claim" to be Christians but see bitterness and lack of love then they say "NO THANKS!"

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