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My sleep paralysis experience, the first one I remember, started when I was 7. Before then they visited me in the form of suicidal or torture dreams. It looked like a man in old black attire and a hat. He'd pull my covers off the whole night, visiting me repeatedly all night nearly every night. When we left that house I was 10 or 11. A few minutes after we left the house a fire had begun to burn the house to the ground. Later we found out that it started in my room and not the usual place, the kitchen, and they couldn't find out what had started the fire. As we traveled north to stay with my grandparents before moving to Alaska we stopped at a hotel. That night I had a demon in actual form appear out of a blacker than night poof of smoke at the foot of the bed I was sleeping in. It was short, had a sickly gray colored skin with scars and stitches all over it and had cat light yellow green eyes. It moved towards me without walking or leg movement and stared at me the entire night till dawn. They disappeared for a while before a they started again a 6 years ago, only this time they were stronger. 7 months ago one of them disguised as a dead looking girl attempted to touch my 18 month old son who was sleeping with me in bed. This was the first time I'd ever been able to move and I moved him so that he was in the middle of the bed. The thing got so angry it began to choke me and I couldn't breathe for some time and thought I was going to die. I don't remember what happened, but eventually it left me before I nearly blacked out. More recently I've decided to accept Jesus into my heart a little over a month ago. Three days after I decided to fast, because I wanted to reach him to get closer to God and I experienced an attack that very night. It began to try to sexually assault me for the very first time and I called out to Jesus, it ended rather abruptly. It happened again a few nights later, but this time it took a few more calls to Jesus because I believe it may have been stronger than the previous one. They left me alone for 2 weeks. Then one night I went praying and I was doubting and asking God to please show me he's real, I want to be with him, but I don't know if he's actually hearing me. I was attacked the whole night by demons. So much so that I wasn't sure when an attack began and ended and when another started a few moments after the last. I called out to Jesus and it ended briefly each time before it happened again. That very last time I saw a bright shining white light before I fell asleep for the rest of the morning. I haven't experienced it since and haven't said anything to family members, because they think I'm nuts for telling them about the other times calling for Jesus saved me. For a week now I was unsure of what to think of it, but I honestly believe that he saved me. I am going to call a man today who is going to baptize me. I was so excited about it that I sang and prayed to God last night, told him how much I just wanted to hug him to hold him to thank him and felt the holy spirit just fall over me. My shoulders, upper back and arms were all tingly and warm the entire night. He is so amazing! He even listens to those that haven't been baptized. -Brittany

I have been listening to many of the online evangelizing and preaching sessions (via youtube) and it seems most of the preachers and religious leaders are doing well for Jesus. I know very well that the bible explicitly contains warnings against false prophets, preachers, religious teachers and the like. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSE TO LOOK FOR AS SIGNS OF FALSE PREACHER / PROPHETS ETC. SO THAT WE WILL BE WARNED AGAINST FOLLOWING THEM OR THEIR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS? I pray that deception in this world may be curtailed and ended in the soonest time. LORD JESUS, I DEEPLY AND FERVENTLY ASK FOR YOUR INTERVENTION. Amen. -Jolie

Admin reply:

To write a certain specific list I do not entirely have available on our website. Satan has twisted the Word of God so much that people will find on the internet whatever they wish to believe. What it all comes down to, Jolie, is your own personal relationship with the Lord and the time you spend alone with God studying the Holy Bible that He gave us as a guide for our lives and future. The more time you spend studying the Bible and asking the Lord to give you understanding the more that He will reveal to you. Recognizing false teachers and false prophets comes with learning what the Lord teaches us in His book. Spiritual discernment is given if we ask the Lord for it. Remain in close relationship with Him and discernment will increase with the knowledge of His Word.

When I say on this website to not just take my opinion about a preacher this is exactly what I mean right here. We all should be studying the Word of God. We can read the same words over and over again but perhaps years later that same verse may bring new meaning to us our current situation. When we study God's Word we then become equipped to judge what we hear. We can then say to ourselves "How does this message the preacher is giving line up with the Word of God?" Or, is the interpretation the preacher is teaching bare witness with our spirit? If anything is not right about the person or preacher's spirit the Holy Ghost will allow us to see that. Or if something is not right with the message we hear, then the Holy Ghost will bring about scriptures to our remembrance that will expose the false doctrine.

At the same time we must never become unteachable either. Therefore, if someone brings a message to us that we have never heard before then we should listen and read the supporting scriptures, then pray about what we are hearing so the Lord will help us to know what is correct or incorrect. Sometimes the Lord may be trying to teach us something through someone else's study.

The Bible says we will know our Lord's voice, but that of a stranger we will not. A lot of people today listen to the voice of our enemy, Satan, and believe it is our Father God so they wind up believing lying doctrines or walking into destructive situations.

But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers...My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:2-5, 27

We must give our entire lives over to Jesus giving Him full control to guide us and keep us in His protection to walk that straight and narrow path.

Thank you for the article on Lukewarm churches. I am leaving a church that allows homosexual males to lead the choir and a Pastor that was caught in homosexuality some years ago. Members say we'll it's everywhere you go. I reject that lie and believe that I will find a True Church of Jesus Christ. -Tiffany D.

Thank you for this very detailed description of this Demonic Jezebel and Ahab Spirit. I have been up against both spirits all my life. For me, I believe its generational in my family. Non-charismatic Christians(still carnal minded) do not understand the Spirits that we are up against. For now, I continue to pray and prepare for Rosh Hashanah while God guides me. Thank you, God bless -Tam'Eka


u know i been through the same thang .im sik of all dese so call prophets male/females -Tosha

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