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Yoga in the Christian Churches

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The "king of Yoga" schools is Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini also means "serpent power," leads to self awareness and self knowledge elations. The following video is from a New Age conference showing a Yoga gathering with music and dance.

Listen to the words of this Kundalini Yoga song only after you plead the blood of Jesus over your mind. Do not sing it! Remember the purpose of Yoga is to unite with the self god. The words to the song are:

"I am the light of the soul. I am bountiful. I am beautiful. I am rich, I am, I am."

The Christian knows there is only one "I Am that I Am." His name is Christ the only begotten Son of the Living God.

This song wrongly declares that the singer is the I Am. Repeating this song over and over is a form of chanting used to connect and release the energy of the seven charkras.

Psychologist Helen Schucman wrote The Course in Miracles in 1965. She said the material came from an "inner voice." The book is full of demonic Gnostic heresies weaved in Christian terminology. The course teaches such things as,

"The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself. God's Name is holy but no holier than yours. To call upon His Name is to call upon your own. I am in charge of the process of atonement."

This demonic "you are god" teaching is consistent within New Age circles. The course on miracles aired on Oprah and Friends XM Radio throughout 2008.

Yoga teaches the coiled serpent located in the spine and through chanting will awaken the serpent, (Kundalini awakening), travel up the spine until entering an esoteric state becoming one with the god self. In that state of union with the self some see visions, hear voices, prophesy and are overcome by a sense of spiritual awareness. Paul Hood shares his Kundalini awakening as "a sense of energy rising up from the base of my spine. "He also describes a "feeling of oneness with everything."

Dance and "transmusic" is a common introduction to Kundalini Yoga. I first heard this music back in 1994 in Amsterdam. It was common in house parties. Today it draws crowds in concerts of over 50,000 youth in Europe. Today transmusic and dance parties are common along with the drug ecstasy to enhance the experience. This is the annual Sunburn Festival held at Candolim beach, Goa, India. It draws around 5,000 people.Its purpose is to entertain and promote a sense of oneness and harmony. Notice the use of transmusic and the kundalini dance.

Kundalini in Christian Churches

This audio is taken from a Christian church worship service full of young people. You should pay close attention to what you hear. The pastor is well known having literally hundreds of ministry connections across America and Canada and has influenced thousands of Christians. The preaching has just ended and a crowd is gathered at the front. You can hear drums, music, counterfeit tongues, ambiguous (uncertain) prayer, the laying on of hands is taking place, and a girl just finished prophesying. She now appears to be in a spellbound condition. Let me ask some questions.

Does your spirit bear witness with what you are hearing as Christian altar ministry? Do you think the Holy Spirit is in this service or is the atmosphere more conducive for the manifestation of the Kundalini spirit? Have you experienced a church service like this?

Physical Effects of the Kundalini Spirit

The Kundalini spirit does not lead people to Christ. It is New Age eastern mysticism. According to Wikipedia these are the physical effects of the Kundalini spirit on people:

"Physical effects are believed to be a sign of Kundalini awakening by some, but described as unwanted side effects pointing to a problem rather than progress by others. Some of the more common signs and symptoms of an awakened Kundalini include:"

• Involuntary jerks, tremors, shaking, itching, tingling, and crawling sensations, especially in the arms and legs.

• Energy rushes or feelings of electricity circulating the body.

• Intense heat (sweating) or cold, especially as energy is experienced passing through the chakras.

• Spontaneous pranayama (rapid breathing or hyperventilation), asanas (positions), mudras (hand movements) and bandhas (stiffening of the muscles).

• Visions or sounds at times associated with a particular chakra (mystic visions and prophecy).

• Diminished sexual desire or a state of constant orgasm.

• Emotional purging in which particular emotions become dominant (uncontrollable) for short periods of time.

• Depression

• Pressure inside the skull and headache

• Bliss, feelings of infinite love and universal connectedness, transcendent awareness.

As you can see some of the effects like a feelings of peace, visions and prophecy can lead the practitioner to think they have encountered the Holy Spirit. Just because a person experiences something supernatural does not mean their experience was from the Holy Spirit. Another effect not listed is demon possession.

As Holy Spirit filled leaders in the Church of Christ we need to obey the Scripture that declares,

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1

We must be ever watchful servants of the Lord in our ministries both feeding and protecting the sheep.

As already said, a dangerous occult spirit is entering Christian churches across America. I ask Christ' ministers and prayer warriors to stand with me against this spirit. Like thousands of you we believe in the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Kundalini spirit is not the Holy Spirit. Prophets get up on the wall, watch, pray, signal, and warn. Let's close the door to this evil spirit operating in our churches.

Deceptive occult powers are entering our churches. Never have we needed spiritual discernment like we do today. Spiritual warriors like you let nothing stop them from taking action to achieve greater levels of spiritual discernment. That’s why I put together the "Spiritual Discernment Kit." The Holy Spirit told me "people can’t come out of what they can’t see." Take action and order your kit today. Spiritual discernment belongs to you. So let’s get going right now.

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