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Four major hindrances to demonic deliverance

Along with going to fortune tellers these last days false prophets are the same thing! They are RELIGIOUS SORCERERS! -Admin-

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According to Romans 14:11Bible quoteFor it is written, [As] I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.Romans 14 verse 11, every knee will bow to the name of Jesus Christ. However, we have had some occasions where deliverance didn't work. Obviously, the authority of Christ is perfect, but on the human side there are certain conditions that prohibit progress when dealing with demonic activity in people's lives.

Examples of unrepentant sins are drug addictions, abortion, murder, witchcraft. Many people have dabbled in witchcraft UNknowingly. They went to carnival fortune tellers or read horoscopes in the newspaper. As innocent as all of that appears, it is still witchcraft.

Any indulgence in witchcraft blocks the ministry of deliverance. It is wise to check for witchcraft prior to any ministry. The enemy is in his territory and will not move unless a person has a sincere, repentant heart!

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