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End Time Persecution

Warning to America's Christians

Will Your Church Be Next?

C.I.A. Orders Arrest and Execution of Christians in the USA

On the afternoon of April 7th during Reagan's term somewhere in the Washington DC area, I spent four hours at a very secret meeting with people who were risking their lives by being there. There was a General for the U.S. Army. a Colonel from Military Intelligence, a Colonel for the U.S. Marines, a U.S. Senator, three members of the C.I.A. and a person of very high rank from the M.P.'s.

The meeting produced the following information: I was shown materials stamped TOP SECRET. One document was signed by President Reagan and the other was signed by William Colby. Both documents referred to Christians as "the Disrupters." The CIA document was to the Pentagon and stated that the official Department of Justice's (F.B.I.) terminology for Christians would be "the Disrupters' Movement." The William Colby document preceded to outline a PLAN for the arrest, execution or mental rehabilitation of ALL DISRUPTERS. The PLAN proceeds as follows:

"Stage One: To "terminate with extreme prejudice" (this means to execute in cold blood) ALL "disrupters" who are publicly interfering with OPERATION CABLESPLICE [website has been removed!] ("OPERATION CABLESPLICE" is the PLAN to take over all municipal, county and state governments and make them into ONE federal government over all munificent and then into a WORLD government. [The New World Order.])

Stage Two: To arrest, either on criminal charges or on mental inquest warrants all "disrupters" who jeopardize "OPERATION CABLESPLICE" BY THEIR "FANATICAL" RELIGIOUS LIFESTYLES AND/OR THEIR "EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS" which would enable them to live outside government direction or aid under a national emergency. see Cultist Definition by Janet Reno, Attorney General USA [website has been removed!]

Some stage two disrupters will have to be terminated as they can't be rehabilitated.

[Note: Planned rehabilitation will take place in certain detention/concentration camps or special "mental wards." How many of you "fanatical" Christians REFUSE to be "rehabilitated" by giving up your faith and becoming a part of Satan's New World Order??? Count me in as "unwilling to be rehabilitated." PS]

Stage Three: The arrest on criminal charges or mental inquest warrants all those who have listened to and followed the collaborators and infiltrators. see CIA Think Tank to Head Bush Religion Initiative

[Note-Could this have anything to do with the recent set-up/termination of famed NWO exposer BILL COOPER?-PS] [website has been removed!]

Plus the arrest of all collaborators. The confiscation of their wealth and property will also take place, for it is estimated that half of the wealth in the USA is in their hands. Stage three does not apply to government infiltrators or agents.

Stage One is under implementation now.

Reflections from a former CIA assassin/NWO agenda supporter I interviewed:

"...KNOW about these concentration camps [website has been removed!]? Why, when I was working for the CIA, I want you to know that we were the very ones behind the whole concept of this PLAN to terminate the Christians in America! We sat around discussing how to get rid of the Christians who stood in the way of our NWO, and the FINAL SOLUTION was these concentration camps, KNOW about them? Ha! We were the very ones who thought them up...and before I became a Christian, I used to join with fellow Illuminati/Satanists in the CIA in lusting for that hour in which Christians would be legally arrested in America and finally terminated..."

Comment from former CIA/Naval Intelligence officer:

"Oh, all of us in the intelligence community know about the concentration camps in America and their purposes. We all know that they are to terminate the resisters of the New World Order under martial law..."

Intelligence Shakeup Would Boost CIA a high-level presidential commission plans to recommend that the Pentagon's three largest intelligence-collection agencies be transferred to the director of central intelligence in a major restructuring of the intelligence community, according to sources familiar with the panel's findings.

Under the proposal, the National Reconnaissance Office, which develops, builds and manages intelligence satellite systems, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, which handles imagery intelligence systems and mapping, and the National Security Agency, which is responsible for electronic intercepts, would each come under the control of the CIA director.

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