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NORTH KOREA: At War with Christians

Source: 22 January 2003 | NewsMax.com

Recently, a group of 24 young North Koreans were captured in northern China. While being interrogated back in a North Korean prison camp, one of the young people admitted that the group had been studying the Bible in China. Twenty members of the group were immediately executed.

This is yet another example of the rampant inhumane treatment of North Korean Christians. Local radio broadcasts warn their listeners against believing Christians - "They teach you to 'turn the other cheek.' "They are trying to often up our people, and then they will invade our homeland. Do not believe them!"

Despite the warnings, North Koreans routinely escape to China looking for churches where they know they can receive help. Chinese Christians take great risk to help these refugees, knowing that they could wind up in prison themselves.

North Korea Continuing to Terrorize Christians

Source: 18 February 2003 | NewsMax.com

Did you know?

The Communist nation of North Korea is #1 on the Open Doors annual World Watch List, a report that ranks countries according to how intensively they persecute Christians.

Did you know?

That despite the persecution - refugees report that the North Korean church has not only survived, it has grown to approximately 400,000 Christians who worship in secret. These brave believers boldly practice their faith even in the face of imprisonment and death - which is not uncommon in gulags run under the Kim Jong II administration. In fact, the conditions in the gulags are shocking, even to those accustomed to the famine in North Korea.

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