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False prophets ENCHANTING and CASTING SPELLS against people in the church

NOTE: We at POR do not personally know the person who claimed to give this prophecy and we do not know any true prophets of God. We are not supporting people whom we do not know and know nothing about. We found the following prophecy on the internet and find that what this person has said does line up with the Word of God. Personal experience alone has taught us about the false prophets and witchcraft in the church during these end times. -Admins-

Severe headache pains

Writer: Apostle Ngabo | 07 January 2008 |

On the 7th of January 2008 the spirit of the Lord spoke unto me and said; that My glory (spiritual protection and covering) has departed from the church (body of Christ).

And the Lord went on to say to me through His Spirit; that as I departed from King Saul because of his disobedience toward my prophetic instructions, so I have also departed from the church that they call My church, and My spirit will no longer struggle with these people, that are selfish, disobedient and self seeking.

And the Lord said unto me that when My presence left Saul, he also lost his mind, and became mad because the distressing spirit took over his life.

When the Lord had finished releasing this prophetic word in my spirit, we started to receive emails and phone calls from people and preachers of The gospel in need for prayers, because they were loosing their minds (contemplating suicide, forgetting things, having evil dreams and uncontrollable evil thoughts that they could not bring subject to God's will).

In fact a couple of them that we have been in contact with, were planning to book themselves into a madhouse (a place where people who have lost their minds are kept).

Whoever is reading this article, pay more attention to what I am about to reveal; in my prayer time with the Lord I heard the words "casting spells" as I was praying.

And again the Lord said unto me that witches and false prophets are at loose to ENCHANT, and CAST SPELLS (evil words) against the people in the church, plus the leaders who are not fully obedient to God's will, and their aim is to cast spells against the heads of their victims, because the head is the place where dreams, memories, thoughts and ideas takes place in people's lives.

As they ENCHANT and CAST SPELLS against peoples heads, this causes severe headache pains that cannot be healed by doctors, and as a result people's dreams, thoughts, ideas and memories becomes perverted in nature (people start to get attacked by evil thoughts, sexual perverted dreams, memories of their past evil experiences that they are trying to forget etc…) and all these things started popping up one by one after the Lord had said unto me, that His glory had left the church.

In this hour that we are in spiritually as the body of Christ, this scripture has started to make more sense, If My people that are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn away from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and I will come deliver them and heal their land.

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