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Emergent Signs to Leave Your Church

Apostasy Thriving

Please note here that the writer of this article refers to the "second coming of Christ." We believe he is referring to the rapture. However, the 'rapture' and the 'second coming' are two separate events. Read the rapture for more information. -POR Admin-

Writer: Robbie van Staden | 24 June 2012

If you don't read your Bible, this would probably not mean much to you...

Warning Signs for your Church

Mainline Christian churches being blown away by false teachings. If your church shows any of these sick symptoms, you need to flee as fast as your feet will carry you.

If you are over age 50, your opinion will not even matter.

If your church is displaying one or more of the warning signs, RUN because apostasy has placed its roots there!

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing