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The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati

The Illuminati Secret Covenant

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I highly suggest that you read each statement slowly and consider the implications of what is being said. It is terrifying!

Writer: Author unrevealed for protection | Originally appeared on on 21 June 2002 |

01. An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception.

02. Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.

One way in which they accomplish this is by staring at you, sometimes with a smile on their faces, but never speaking a word at all. They listen and watch you speak and ask questions until you are blue in the face while the look on their face reads "You're a nut." -POR Admin-

03. We will create SEPARATE FRONTS to prevent them from seeing the connection between us.

These servants of Satan have entered all sectors of society, including the church, in order to accomplish their world order. The 1968 movie "Rosemary's Baby" is one small example of this. -POR Admin-

04. We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive. Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur.

05. We will always stand above the relative field of their experience for we know the secrets of the absolute.

06. We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy. Death will come to he who speaks.

07. We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite.

08. We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so they will never see what is happening.

09. We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air.

10. They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.

Food, water, air, cosmetics, personal toiletries... all are poisoned with chemicals to create a slow breakdown of the body and mind. Read Population control methods. -POR Admin-

11. The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will feed them more poison.

12. The poisons will be absorbed through their skin and mouths, they will destroy their minds and reproductive systems.

13. From all this, their children will be born dead, and we will conceal this information.

14. The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them, in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear.

15. We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they can see far.

16. We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images and musical tones.

17. Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to push our poisons.

18. They will see our products being used in film and will grow accustomed to them and will never know their true effect.

19. When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood of their children and convince them its for their help.

20. We will start early on, when their minds are young, we will target their children with what children love most, sweet things.

21. When their teeth decay we will fill them with metals that will kill their mind and steal their future.

Mercury and other metals in the body destroy the mind. Read Population control methods. -POR Admin-

22. When their ability to learn has been affected, we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will create yet more medicine.

I have been given reports from people in my town about doctors prescribing medication to murder. Read Population control methods. -POR Admin-

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