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The Kennedy Bloodline

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"It is believed that all the foregoing Kennedy families are related either by virtue of being descendants of common ancestors, or by intermarriage."

I looked up in Burke’s General Armory to get a listing of the aristocratic Kennedys and here is what I got:

It is clear that there have been quite a number of powerful aristocratic Kennedys. One of the more powerful recent Scottish aristocrat Kennedys was the Marquess of Ailsa (1872-1943). Because he is often called the Marquess of Ailsa you might not know him by his name Archibald Kennedy, who was the 15th Earl of Cassillis. This branch of the Kennedys married into Scottish royalty. For instance, Sir James Kennedy married Mary, a daughter of King Robert III, and their son was Sir Gilbert Kennedy was made Lord Kennedy before 1458. Archibald Kennedy was an extremely powerful Freemason and held numerous key positions in the Grand Lodge of Scotland. He was 1st Grand Principle from 1913 to his death in 1943. At his death his titles passed to his brother Charles. Archibald Kennedy was initiated in Holyrood House Lodge No. 44, Edinburgh, Nov. 17, 1896. (10,000 Famous Freemasons, Vol. l,--put out by the Missouri Lodge of Research, p. 8)

How are the various prominent Kennedys related?

So the question always arises as I examine the elite of the Illuminati and the New World Order--how is this Kennedy related to this other Kennedy. For instance, how is David M. Kennedy (who is a Bilderberger) and William Jesse Kennedy III (who is a key man for the Duke Illuminati family--he is president of Mutual life Insurance Company, a Duke financial asset, director of RCA, trustee of the Ford Theater where the elite killed Lincoln, and associated with the Pilgrim Society through the Conference Board of NYC)?? Although I can’t explain the exact ties, I can safely say that if one goes back several hundred years the Kennedy aristocrats all tie together.

Beginning at the Beginning

One of my first clues that the Kennedys had something to do with the Illuminati was the conspiracy book The Widow’s Son-- The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles (Vol. 2) by Robert Anton Wilson. Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, authors of "Illuminatus!" are not Christians. On the contrary, they are regular participants in the central Ohio Starwood Festival for witches and pagans. Robert Anton Wilson has publicly on a number of occasions explained that he is a gnostic and a great fan of Aleister Crowley. I picked up Wilson’s book The Widow’s Son in a Satanic/New Age bookstore. In both volume 2 (the teaser chapter at the end) and in volume 3 of The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles one is taught the significance of Brian Caeneddi, the first Kennedy, and how Brian Caeneddi’s blood got into some very important royal bloodlines. It is interesting that an informed man like Wilson, who spends time doing rituals with Gnostics and Witches, would declare that the Kennedy family is an important bloodline in connection with the Illuminati. How many people knew that Tip O’Neil, speaker of the house of representatives, was a descendent of the Kennedy clan? Wilson writes for New Agers and witches, not for Christians. One gets the feel that his experience with the occult has somehow given him a very good idea of what is going on in terms of the Masons, the Illuminati, etc. He writes his books in such a way that they are historical novels with a great deal of facts, and yet one is always left wondering by the style of writing whether the author wants to be taken serious or not, is what he writes make-believe or history padded with some fiction? I personally believe it is just the way the occult works, they expose the facts for their own people, but in a way that will not be taken seriously by others. Wilson acts like a buffoon one minute and a serious conspiracy researcher the next, and he will act both ways all in one article or even on a single page of his books. When a person checks up on Wilson’s facts, they usually hold true. On my part the information about Brian Caennedi was astounding. I had to go as soon as possible to verify it from other sources, and it turns out Wilson was accurate about their genealogy,[10] and their importance in the Illuminati activities historically, etc.

The Illuminati and Matthew Kennedy

One of the chief lodges for the branch Illuminati prior to 1784 was located in a hugh chateau at Ermenonville near Paris, France. The land belonged to the Marquis of Gerardin, who protected Rosseau and later gave Rosseau a tomb on his estate. St. Germain precided over this Illuminated lodge. This Illuminated lodge carried out blood rituals with a altar made from human bones. Interestingly, one of St. Germain’s good friends who came over from Ireland to Paris was Matthew Kennedy (1652-1735). Matthew Kennedy was connected with St. Germain’s court, and wrote A Chronological. Genealogical and Historical Dissertation of the Royal Family of the Stuarts. In 1613, the Stuart family had married into the Sang raal, and began to play a role in the genealogies of the Prieure de Sion.


[10] For confirmation of the Kennedy family origins of Brian Caeneddi there are numerous sources for instance the Irish Genealogical Foundation’s good book The Great Families of Ireland. Also quite a number of Irish history books discuss Brian Caeneddi (aka Brian Boru) and some of the Kennedy Genealogy books also discuss the origins.

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