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Satan is all about SYMBOLS and IMAGES

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The Automobile Industry

The Chrysler company uses the winged sun on their vehicles but with an all-seeing eye of horus instead of the sun. You can read more about other occult symbols used in the corporate world at

Chrysler logo

'Christian' Film

Mom and I enjoy watching end times movies. The 1999 movie "Apocalypse II: Revelation" starring Jeff Fahey and Carol Alt was produced by Cloud Ten Pictures. We have watched it many, many times and just now noticed the occult symbol right on the cover of the movie, the movie logo, and this symbol is used throughout the beginning and ending of the film.

One must wonder, was this on purpose? Surely the writers were not ignorant of the symbol.

'Christian' Church

Believe it or not this picture (to the right) is supposed to be a 'Christian' church which is called "Accurate Image Ministries." Looking at their website either these people are extremely ignorant, or they are putting on a religious front for a Wiccan group.

Arkansas State Capitol Lawn

In 2018 Satanists continue demanding rights to celebrate their Lord, Lucifer. The State of Arkansas gave them permission to glorify Satan on the State lawn. Read more at The Washington Post.

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