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Renouncing Druidic Involvement

NOTE: For the Irish ancestry you will need to renounce all Druidic involvement.

Lord Jesus, I come humbly before you now, to your Throne of Grace, and ask forgiveness for the sins of my Irish ancestors who may have been involved in occultic Druidism. I renounce all ceremonies, sacrifices, especially the sacrifice of humans, tortures, invocations, oaths, vows, worship of false gods (demons), names given that honor FALSE GODS, all fertility (sexual) rituals and the whole Druidic priesthood back to Adam. I break all divinations and false prophecy spoken over my ancestors that affect me now or my future generations. I RENOUNCE them utterly. I break all the gates and walls which any demon is using in my life and cast them all out of my life now. If they are not in my body, but are out intending to return, I command them never to return, but to go to dry places or the Pit. I command all familiar spirits from Ireland or that derive from my Irish ancestry to leave me now. I don't want you or need you. I belong to Jesus Christ. Remove all torments from me now and restore my body, mind and emotions in Jesus' name.

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