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Renouncing Macumba and Candomble

In the name of Jesus Christ, I DENOUNCE all beliefs in Macumba and Candomble and the gods Macumba, lemanja, Orixa, Olorun, or Lord of the Sky, severing all soul ties (emotional, psychic, sexual, physical and mental) with these spirits. I DENOUNCE all rites and ceremonies and hereby revoke and renounce all oaths, vows, promises, obligations and legal rights I may have given for spirits to enter me.

I ask forgiveness on behalf of myself and my ancestors going back to Adam for all ceremonies involved in the worship of Macumba, including the lighting of candles to pay ritual homage to lemanja, goddess of the sea, offering chickens worship of Orixa, Olorun, or Lord of the Sky.

Also consulting mediums, witchcraft, spiritism, walking on glass and hot coals, swallowing razors, nails, screws, eating light bulbs, jabbing nails through cheeks or any other form of self-mutilation or ritual act. Also the ritual sacrifice of animals, children and humans, including the trauma and terror involved, the use of chanting and ritual, torture, orgies, sexual ritual abuse, trances, séances, and other abuse including rape with object and crucifixes.

I sever all soul ties with the Mother of Gods, macumbeiros (priests), any one I went to these rituals or ceremonies with, anyone who prayed with me or over me, all witch doctors, spiritists or mediums and with Antonio Conselheiro.

I break all curses, death hexes and harassing spirits over myself, my family and all future generations from involvement of myself and/or my ancestors in Macumba or Candomble. I break all curses, death hexes and harassing spirits actively being placed on me, my family, my health, my relationships, my work, my finances now in the name of Jesus Christ and send them back to the pit.

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