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Renouncing Mind Control and New Age

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Heavenly Father, In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bind and cast down the strongman and every stronghold of Satan in my life over the New Age movement.

In Jesus Christ's name and from my position in the third heaven, I bind and cast down all ascended Masters and spirit Guides I have contacted. I confess the sin of spiritism and break all soul ties and legal rights for these spirits to harass me in Jesus' name.

Heavenly Father, I ask in Jesus' name that you instruct your angels to come by legions to attack, bind and pull down the works of all Mind control, Mind Occult and Mind binding spirits. I bind the ability to communicate and draw power. I bind all power spirits, and sever them off. I take the sword of the spirit and remove the spirits from my mind, binding their tentacles. I ask forgiveness and placing the blood of Christ over my mind, separating my mind from the spirits.

In Jesus' mighty name, I rebuke and cast down all evil spirits working through Witchcraft, Sorcery, Divination and Necromancy.

I rebuke, bind and cast down all spirits working through eastern mysticism, reincarnation, transcendental meditation, soul travel, martial arts and yoga, in the name of Jesus.

I rebuke, bind and cast down all wicked spirits working through mantras, tantra, maithuna Hatha Yoga, Mundra, Yantra, Ying and Yang in Jesus name.

I rebuke, bind and cast down all the Familiar spirits which are being channeled through visualization, spirit guides, inner healing, ascended masters, crystal helpers, bodiless spheres of light, dolphin deva and universal intelligence.

In the name of Jesus, I rebuke, bind and cast down and strip the powers from all New Age gods of Maitreya, Vishnu, Inmam Mahad, "Christ" Sanat Kumana, Shiua and the Kundalini.

Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I also come against, bind and cast down the following spirits who are being channeled:

Adept, Alexander, Alien Soul, Ascended Masters, Astar Command, Basher, Celestial Sees, Crystal Woman, Divine Flame Holder, Divine Counterpart, Djwal Khul, Dr. Peebles;

El Moyrya, Eleutheria, Enchantment, Enlightened Master, Emmanuel, Etherion, Fortune teller, Global Dreamer, Goddess, Guru, Healer, High Priest, Hilarion, Holy One, Initiate, Jaguar Woman, Jason, "Jesus",

Konar, Kristos, Kuthumi, Lanto, Lazaris, Light Worker, Lilly Maat, Mafu, Magician, Master R, Master, Medicine Woman, Medicine Man Sorcerer, Medicine Man, Mentor Mystic, Mystical Traveler;

Old Chinese, Oracle, Orion, Power woman, Prophet, Quan Yin, Ra, Ramtha, Saint, Sananda, Savant, Seer, shaman, Shepherd, Soli, Soothsayer, Soul Projection, St. Germain, Star Seed, Rainbow Warrior, Sunat Kumara, The Michael Entity, Visionary, Warlock, White Eagle, Witch Doctor, Witch, Wizard, Xax, Zosh.

I ask now Lord to loose angels to attack and remove all ten tentacles from the Mind control spirits from me and force it to go to the pit of hell in Jesus' name. I also pray a Spirit of Fire from Isaiah onto the tenacles to loose their hold. I pray for additional discernment from the Holy Spirit if there are any other areas this spirit is holding onto. It must release me and leave me now in Jesus' name.

NOTES: Mind Control is a powerful and tough spirit — tough to move! He is one of the few spirits that will give no indication that he is being defeated. He will fight right to the end! He holds onto even the smallest right and you need to be thorough in making sure you have broken all its legal rights. He usually has several divisions under him, and it is advisable to slowly work your way through all his support structure until he is left isolated. People will often feel this on their head, sometimes even moving around. When Jesus said certain types comes out only with prayer and fasting he might well have been talking about Mind Control! He heads up many occultic types and often has other mind related spirits under him too (Delusion, Paranoia, Schizophrenia etc.).

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