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Renouncing Mormonism

In the name of Jesus Christ, I DENOUNCE all beliefs in Mormonism and Moroni, the Nephites and ask forgiveness on behalf of myself and all my ancestors for all sins relating to this religion. I break all rituals and ceremonial rites, oaths, vows, promises and obligations int he name of Jesus Christ. I DENOUNCE the false doctrine of the Mormon Church, the Church of the Latter Day Saints, including the practice of polygamy. Also the belief and practice of adding to the atoning work of Jesus Christ through the addition of human blood sacrifice. I DENOUNCE the killing of another man as a righteous act or the words of "loving our neighbor as ourselves...if he wants salvation and it is necessary to spill his blood ...spill it." And the view that "as God once was man is now and as God is now, man may become." I ask forgiveness for sins of murder committed within the church.

I also sever all ties with and DENOUNCE the false books: book of Mormon, the Doctrines and Covenants, the Pearl at Great Price and all beliefs that these books are superior to the Bible. I DENOUNCE all its links with freemasonry and all spirits of witchcraft, false religion and Baal. I DENOUNCE all vows and position in the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood. I break all binding temple oaths and the curse that this will jeopardize my hope of eternal life.

I break all soul ties (emotional, psychic, sexual, physical and mental) with Joseph Smith, Joseph Brigham Young, with my priest, those people with who I went to services with, Cowdery, Hyrum and Samuel Smith.

I break all curses over myself, my family and all future generations from involvement of myself and/or my ancestors in Mormonism.

The Bible vs Joseph Smith

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