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Deliverance Prayer


Dear Lord, with honesty of heart, humility of soul and conviction of spirit, do I make this following confession: I have sinned against You and have disobeyed Your word whether it be through willfulness, ignorance or curiosity, and I now repent of these sins and ask You to forgive me through the blood of Jesus Christ. Now, by an act of my will and in the name of Jesus, I close all those doors which I have opened to Satan and I now ask You, dear Lord, to help me renounce all these things and cleanse me in body, soul and spirit, in Jesus' name.

In the name of Jesus Christ I renounce the following:

I renounce the occult.

I renounce witchcraft, black magic, black arts, black mass, white magic and neutral magic.

I renounce all seances, contact with familiar spirits, necromancy, conjuring up spirits, communicating with the dead, clairvoyance, mediums, consulting mediums, or spirit guides, and U.F.O.s.

I renounce Ouija boards and all other occult games.

I renounce all fortune telling, divining rod or pendulum diagnosis, trance diagnosis, palm reading, tea-leaf reading, crystal balls, tarot and other card laying.

I renounce all astrology and interest in horoscopes and signs of the zodiac, numerology and observing of times.

I renounce the heresy of reincarnation, Christian Science healing, acupuncture and all healing groups involved in metaphysics.

I renounce all hypnosis, self-hypnosis, psychokinesis, psycho-analysis, psychic phenomena, mind reading, transcendental meditation, mind control, second sight, E.S.P., E.S.T., clairaudience, remote influence of the subconscious mind of others, auras, mental science, self realization, visions, trances, dreams not from God, mesmerism, parapsychology, transactional analysis, enchantments, wizards, soothsaying, spiritual prostitution, whoring, making sons and daughters pass through the fire, humanistic psychology, prognostications and yoga.

I renounce water witching or dowsing with forked sticks or other objects for water, oil, minerals, underground sewer and water lines, etc., levitation, body lifting, table tipping, psychometry, and automatic writing, drawing and composing.

I renounce astral projection, karate, and other demonic skills. I renounce superstition, chain letters, charms, good luck items, fetishes, runes, amulets, talismans, mascots, medals, crux ansata (ankh), spells, incantations, potions, sorcery, curses, materialization or apports, apparitions, ghosts, poltergeists, magic healing, wart or burn charming, powwow, Ying-Yang, and spiritualism.

I renounce Bermuda Triangle, cemeteries, Dungeons and Dragons, haunted houses, I Ching, non-Christian exorcism, Obeah (West Indian), Santeria, Freddie Krueger, Stephen King books and movies, Ku Klux Klan, New Age, earth worship, legal and illegal drugs.

I renounce my curiosity and all literature I have ever read in any of these fields, and vow that I will destroy such books in my own possession. Unicorn horn, Masonic emblems and rings, crucifixes, swastikas, dragons, frogs, owls, mushrooms, and satanic children's games, and charts which are on my person or in my house or owned by me at any other location which have any religious significance or importance to anyone whatsoever.

I also renounce rebellion, stubbornness and obstinacy.

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