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Confession and Deliverance from Occult Sins

Dear Heavenly Father, I come before You and I renounce all sinful occult practices and idolatry of seeking information, knowledge, healing, comfort, identity (purpose, meaning), or power from any occult, psychic or secret source. I renounce ever reading books about the black arts, magic, Satanic (or Luciferian) rituals, including the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, the Satanic Bible, books on false religions (including, but not limited to, Reike), or other Satanic (or Luciferian books or writings (or recordings).

I RENOUNCE all sins of divination, which (might) include: palm reading, tarot card reading, tea leaf reading, crystal ball, ouiji board, ESP, telepathy, horoscopes, astrology, automatic handwriting, water divining, rod and pendulum, consulting familiar spirits, (consulting and/or) communication with the dead (necromancy), séances, fortune telling, consulting wizards (and/or warlocks), fortune tellers, witches, mediums or spiritists.

I RENOUNCE all demonic, occult or psychic healing practices, including (but not limited to): pow-wow healing, charming to heal, magic healing, psychic healing (Reike healing, sexual healing, massage therapy or spinal manipulation healing of an occultic nature).

I RENOUNCE all occult power, casting spells, or witchcraft, including (but not limited to): power crystals, black and white magic, voodoo, other forms of local witchcraft, metaphysics or mind science, yoga, transcendental meditation, sorcery, astral projection, table lifting, levitation, mind control, amulets and chains, and religious medals, occultic anointing oils.

I RENOUNCE hypnosis, heavy metal music, and all demonic roll playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons. I renounce ever being involved in or in contact with secret lodges or societies, the Masons and their organizations, Edgar Cayce's teaching and readings, Erhard Seminars Training (EST), ascended masters, wise masters, Manifest Sons of God, Nazism, Mafia, counselors from the spirit realm, Spiritism, Christian Science, Jehovah's Witness, Mormonism Unity, the New Age, or any other religious organization or fan occult nature.

Dear Heavenly Father, I now confess all these occult sins of seeking from Satan (and/or Lucifer), the help that should come only from You. I now confess and renounce those occult sins and idolatry that I cannot remember. I renounce Satan and all his works. I hate all his demons, and I consider them all my enemies. Lord Jesus Christ, I now repent of all these sins of occultism and idolatry, and RENOUNCE any oath (or vow) I may have made to any FALSE GODS (or ungodly persons, places, institutions, purposes or plans) in Jesus' name, and ask to be forgiven (and set free).

Dear Heavenly Father, I now repent, and close all doors or openings to all occult and psychic practices of darkness, and ask You, Heavenly Father, to seal them shut with the precious shed Blood of Jesus Christ, never to be opened again, in Jesus' name. I now inform all demonic spirits, you do not have any legal right to me, and you are trespassing, and you must leave now. I command all connected or related spirits and all power demons that came in or at me by taking part in these occult practices, to leave me now, never to return, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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