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Renouncing Zohar and Kabala

Lord if any of my ancestors were Jews who did not receive Jesus (Yeshua) as Messiah, I RENOUNCE that and REPENT. I do receive you as Messiah on behalf of my entire bloodline. I break all curses now that relate to not receiving Jesus, to saying at the crucifixion "His Blood be on our heads and on our children's heads". Wash me in your Blood, I receive your sacrifice. You are the King of of Jews. I break these curses not just over myself, but over all future generations in Jesus' name by the Power of His Blood. I cast out now all spirits of murder, rejection, disease, suicide, mental torment, blindness, poverty and exile now in Jesus' name. Restore unto me now Lord all that has been lost. You promised that in any of the countries to which you drove us, if we would REPENT and turn and seek you, you would restore us once again.

I also RENOUNCE all involvement of my ancestors in occultic traditions, specifically the Zohar and Kabala as well as all alchemy.

I RENOUNCE the Kaballistic Tree of Life and all paths leading to enlightenment or any other path.

I RENOUNCE all false interpretations of the Bible that may have been spoken, written or believed by my ancestors. I receive the true Word of God as given to Moses and the Prophets. I receive the New Covenant Word as written by the Apostles.

I RENOUNCE Mithraic cults in Jesus' name.

I RENOUNCE all vows, oaths and blood/sexual sacrifices, all invocations of demons into my bloodline, all familiar and guardian spirits, and command the demons to go out now and retrieve everything good that our family has lost or forfeited through these evil ties. Put it at my feet now in Jesus name. I will not take "no" for an answer.

I command all sexual demons that came in through sexual rites to come out of my sex organs now and go to the Pit in Jesus' name. Come out of every part now. You have no more legal rights. If you do, you must tell me what they are. I command you through the authority that has been entrusted to me by Jesus when he said "Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the evil one. Nothing shall by any means harm you." I ask for Angels of Purity from God to come and surround me and my sexual being in Jesus' name to bring about a cleansing and purification from these evil spirits. I break all death curses that come automatically from occult ties and ask for Holy Angels of Resurrection Life to surround me and take demons of death out from all of my organs and soul and take them bound to the Pit in Jesus' name. Fill me once again with Your Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus. I thank You now for what I know that You are doing.

I also RENOUNCE all persecution of the Jews throughout the centuries. If any of my ancestors persecuted Jews through words, deeds or blood, I RENOUNCE that now. Lord, break all curses that come through your promise to Abraham "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you". I love the Jews as your ancient people through whom the Scriptures came and through whom the Messiah came. I will pray for the salvation of the Jews who don't yet know You.

I also break and nullify through the Name and Blood of Jesus all bans and excommunications issued against my ancestors who may have been Jews by the Catholic Church during the Inquisition or at any other time. I break the curses now in Jesus' name. Leave me now and restore seven-fold what was lost.

I also RENOUNCE all participation of my ancestors in the crucifixion of the Lord be they Roman or Jew or any other nationality or race. Lord, forgive us, we knew not what we were doing. We receive the forgiveness promised in that prayer you prayed to the Father while you were on the Cross. Thank you Lord for Your supreme sacrifice. I love you Jesus.

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