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Why is it so hard to be a Christian?


The answer is very simple and straight from the Bible itself. We often do wrong things, or even do what we never thought we would because the spirit (our spirit) is ALWAYS AT WAR with our flesh! We have ‘feel good’ churches today because we have generations of people who honestly have little to no understanding of the Bible. All people want is something they can FEEL and SEE. People want to be entertained. They want to look good. They want people to worship them. People beg to be stroked because THEY ARE SERVING THEIR FLESH!!! Such a people cannot be followers of Christ. There is a huge difference in battling against the flesh, we do something wrong and then make a sincere repentance but too few do this today. Sincere repentance seeks the Lord to not return to the same sins. God understands and forgives these people. But that ‘feely’ crowd rather idolizes hypocrisy and the Lord is NOT WITH THEM. While they think they are worshipping God their sins are pushing them into deeper disilluionment and deceit.

I made a decision for Christ several years ago, but it's been an uphill battle ever since trying to keep my feet on the straight and narrow, and I can't say I've always won. Why is it so hard to do what's right?

Writer: Billy Graham |

One reason is because you and I are part of a much larger spiritual battle—a cosmic battle between God and the devil. The Bible warns,

Never forget: Satan is absolutely opposed to God, and his single goal is to stop God’s work—including His work in our lives.

When we come to Christ, we change sides (as it were), moving our citizenship from Satan’s kingdom to God’s Kingdom. Now our goal is to follow Christ and become more like Him.

But this doesn’t mean Satan is going to leave us alone! He may even redouble his efforts once we come to Christ, trying to lure us back or get us to compromise our faith. The Bible says,

What is the solution?

First, don’t give the devil a toehold in your life! If old "friends" drag you down, stay away from them. If old habits have you in their grip, ask God to help you replace them with new ways of living. In addition, learn to walk with Christ every day through reading the Bible, prayer and fellowship with other believers. Finally, don’t rely on your own strength to win the battle but on Christ and His strength.