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Four Levels of Demonic Activity

On January 17, 1992, the world anxiously watched as President Bush ordered coalition forces to attack Iraq. For months, Saddam Hussein taunted the world as he challenged them to the "mother of all wars." The world witnessed technology that enabled our forces to "surgically bomb" a weapons factory, while leaving an orphanage next door intact. How did our fighter pilots know exactly which building to strike and which to leave unharmed? With the help of sophisticated spy satellites, the allied forces knew precisely which structures to take out and which to leave. As the war continued, it became clear that the allies had done their homework. They knew the enemy well.

Like the allied forces in operation Desert Storm, we would be wise to know our enemy, who day and night seeks our destruction.

Four levels of demonic activity:

1) The first level of demonic activity is called "suppression." This form of influence is low-key. Most often tends to pass off as irritability or a bad mood. Should the feelings persist for a long time or deepen in their influence, demonic activity should be considered.

2) The second level of demonic activity is called "mild oppression." This form of influence is characterized by a deepening of demonic pressure. The moods, emotions, and general sense of oppression runs much deeper. The individual is not incapacitated, but he is definitely struggling with control. For example, at the suppressive stage, anger would be controlled and might be expressed in irritability. In contrast, obsessive anger would become explosive from time to time.

3) The third level of demonic activity is severe "oppression." At this point the individual is clearly in a significant struggle to control the affected area or areas of his life. He will experience frustration and even confusion as he tries to manage the fight within. If anger is the spirit manifesting, he may have frequent episodes of rage. If he is attacked by a spirit of depression, he may find himself experiencing lengthy periods of melancholy moods, seldom having a positive day. To the person afflicted with severe oppression, it seems as if he will never have victory over his dilemma. He tries hard not to sin, not to be depressed or angry, but he fails again and again. Frequently, people at this stage report feeling as if another person is in control.

4) The fourth level of demonic activity is "possession" - a condition not possible for Christians. Controlled by unseen forces. So steeped in Satanic religion that possession is clearly evident. Many admit they are possessed by spirit guides who have names and speak to them. This level of demonic activity is extremely serious and requires concerted prayer and spiritual preparation before being confronted.

Spiritual Warfare