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Koper’s lawyer responds to TBN’s response

Writer: Teri Sforza | 24 February 2012 |

The two sides accusing one another of various transgressions at Trinity Broadcasting Network continue to wage a battle of words.

Colby M. May, attorney for Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, responded to the latest lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court here, calling it "absurd and contrived" and asserting that the Crouches’ granddaughter, Brittany Koper, and her family were the ones engaging in financial misdeeds.

To which Tymothy MacLeod, attorney for the Crouches’ granddaughter and her uncle by marriage, said this:

"(A)gain TBN’s real response to your article and our lawsuit isn’t Mr. May’s quote but in their subsequent retaliatory misconduct:

"Several weeks ago, we received a message purportedly handed down directly from TBN’s in-house counsel, John Casoria. We were preparing the prior malpractice suit against Doug Davert (Tustin’s former mayor) and his law firm for simultaneously suing and representing Ms. Koper in the same and related legal matters. This is as clear-cut a case of legal malpractice as you could ever expect to see. The message we received, however, warned us that, as the weeks passed, TBN would continue to terminate employees close to Ms. Koper until she stops her whistle blowing and agrees to "walk away" from her lawsuit. True to their word, TBN has already fired Ms. Koper, her father, her husband, his father in turn, Ms. Koper’s brother, and Ms. Koper’s good friend, who was also the new HR director at TBN. Yesterday, we filed a new lawsuit on behalf of yet another victim of TBN’s malicious campaign of intimidation and retaliation aimed at silencing Ms. Koper, this one on behalf of her husband’s uncle who was falsely and vindictively sued by Davert and Loe on contracts that they admitted, in writing, did not exist. In retaliation for filing that malicious prosecution lawsuit against TBN and its attorneys, TBN promptly responded by firing Ms. Koper’s young sister, who worked part time in TBN’s "Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Gift Shop" in Costa Mesa.

TBN sent us further word that they will continue to execute hostages at TBN, so to speak, until Ms. Koper agrees to keep quiet about what she learned as TBN’s chief financial officer and corporate treasurer. We are told that the next employee to be fired at TBN, unless Ms. Koper abandons her allegations against TBN, is Ms. Koper’s mother. Time will tell, because Ms. Koper will not be intimidated by such ultimatums, any more than she has been dissuaded from doing the right thing by armed thugs or by Matthew Crouch’s threats.

"TBN’s spokesman, Colby May, continues to throw stones recklessly inside TBN’s crystal cathedral, but Mr. May needs to be reminded that all of the so-called "embezzlement" allegations against Ms. Koper and her family were dismissed in both state and federal court, with no finding of liability or wrongdoing whatsoever by Ms. Koper. Nor has Ms. Koper ever admitted to embezzlement, as Mr. May has repeatedly and falsely asserted in press reports. Quite to the contrary, it is Ms. Koper who is blowing the whistle on massive allegations of financial improprieties by TBN’s directors. TBN and Colby May’s childish "I know you are, but what am I?" reaction in the press to these allegations is simply evasive of the real legal questions involved in the legal malpractice and malicious prosecution lawsuits that have been filed thus far. We look forward to meeting TBN in court on these charges, and in the additional law suits that we have been retained to file in the upcoming days."

We’ll keep you posted.

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