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TBN lawsuit: Sex, Lies and Television

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Colby May rejected Anthony’s assertions:

"If they have documents, they’re altered documents or fakes."

Anthony fired back:

"If Brittany’s documents are fakes, let them prove that in court."

Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, TBN’s parent, has not only filed five lawsuits against Brittany or Michael Koper since October 2011, but has specifically asked the court to prevent Brittany Koper from using the documents on her flash drive that May claims are "fakes."

One judge didn’t buy TBN’s arguments. David O. Carter, a judge in the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California, on July 25 issued several rulings—some related to the documents—that mostly favored the Kopers. Judge Carter concluded: "Trinity’s several lawsuits, incessant demands for injunctive relief, and insistence on expedited rulings suggest that Plaintiff Trinity’s strategy is to overwhelm the courts as well as Michael and Brittany so as to avoid a rational decision on the merits. Thus, Plaintiff Trinity’s litigation strategy only lends credence to Michael and Brittany’s contention that these lawsuits are retaliation for whistleblowing about Plaintiff Trinity’s extensive fraud."

Judge Carter then gave TBN’s lawyers until July 30 to explain why "Plaintiff Trinity" should not be "designated a vexatious litigant" and be "enjoined from filing future lawsuits against Michael and Brittany." Lawyers for "Plaintiff Trinity" met this deadline, saying it is "not a vexatious litigant and has violated no laws in accessing the Courts." They further claim that the "Kopers have feigned their whistle blowing divert attention from their substantial criminal and civil wrongs." At press time, Judge Carter has not made a final determination in this matter.

So will this case ever get to court? Will we ever know the truth? As to the first question, both Ole Anthony, speaking for the Kopers, and Colby May, speaking for TBN, say it will and they both welcome that opportunity, though both agree that the case could go on for months if not years. It will likely consume hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Jonathan Rovetto, who lost his job for sticking up for Brittany Koper on Facebook, has made up his mind: He said Koper "had nothing to gain and everything to lose." Others are waiting to see what the courts decide, mindful of what both the Bible and Charles Dickens teach: Most parties tend to lose money, reputation, or both during protracted legal battles.


Warren Cole Smith has over 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, marketing professional, and entrepreneur. Warren is the associate publisher of WORLD.

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