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My Facebook post that got me canned

NOTE: Here is the Facebook post that TBN fired Jonathan Rovetto for. I totally agree with Jonathan. -Admin

Writer: Jonathan Rovetto | July 2012 | (Jonathan has removed his website! Maybe he has changed his position?)

The recent OC Register Blog Post has generated interest in my original post. Here it is. Brittany Crouch Koper, a modern day Esther?

TBN, why should you care? Many people really dislike TBN and don't watch. Over the years people have been turned off by Jan's pink hair, screaming preachers during Praise-A-Thon, and the heavy concentration of "Prosperity Teachers" that fill the TBN schedule. But now, something is happening at TBN. Still, why should you care if the ministry goes down in flames or weathers this storm.

TBN, with its satellites, reaches around the globe and has an impact on countless individuals. Like it or not, Paul and Jan have pushed to make this happen. However, they have fallen into the trap that many other prosperity preachers/successful ministers have fallen into. One word, ENTITLED. Their hard work and success have given them reason to believe they have done something to deserve a lifestyle of pleasure and excess. They somehow are ENTITLED to this lifestyle.

I tell people, think of Jesus as a pill that can cure anything. If you really care about sick and hurting people you would give the pill away free. You might even sell all your stuff so you can go out and find the sick and hurting people. If you wanted to make money, you could wrap the pill up and serve it on a golden platter and charge a lot of money for it. Either way it is going to help people because it is the pill, not YOU, doing the healing. Sometimes we forget that Jesus is the only one that deserves the Glory!

TBN still has a chance to change and affect countless lives. It has a chance to reform and be a bright light to an ever darkening world. We all know things are getting darker but TBN seems locked in on programming that is incredibly egocentric. It seems to be fiddling while Rome burns. All the while, TBN collects its cash, spends lavishly on their inner circle, spends millions on lawyers to keep people quiet and their image clean, and seem to care more for their dogs than their employees. So what can be done?

Here is the good news. It is time for change. It is the time for Esther to arise!

God raised Esther up for a specific purpose at a specific time, we all know the story, it is written in the pages of the Bible. But maybe God is doing something now, something similar, something significant, right before our eyes and we are missing it. Maybe Brittany Crouch-Koper is a modern day Esther. Who else could be brought into the inner circle, see the things no one was meant to see and told to play the game. But then something happened which nobody expected, she refused to be corrupted. She has sacrificed money, reputation, status and family to take a stand for what is right. Could it be that God has placed her there for such a time as this?

No ministry becomes corrupted overnight. It is a process which takes time. Little decisions, little compromises and then the slippery slope to decline. Over this decline where have been the mighty men of God, where have been the Prophets, where have been those that would speak up and stand for what is right? Has everyone been blinded or have they just winked at what they saw and heard? In His wisdom, God raised up a young woman to say NO.

In the book of Esther people prayed and fasted for three days. I think it would be appropriate to keep Brittany in prayer and even fast if you are led. You may not watch TBN or care what happens, but I would submit that TBN can still have a profound impact on the world. Imagine programming that speaks the truth and impacts the world with integrity and excellence. I can see it.

Christ's love for humanity is unfathomable and TBN can help tell of His love. Please pray for change.

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