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Former Trinity Broadcasting Network employee speaks out about what she witnessed from the inside.

Writer: Cheryl Tallafuss | 2012


I worked for TBN while at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando Florida for many years! I support Brittany and Michael 100%. I have never been afraid of the truth. Jan crouch tried to make me and dozens of others afraid, and since leaving TBN on my own accord in February, I was afraid of speaking up, but for some reason only known to God, I was allowed to see and hear what the people who give their life savings to, do with it. Has TBN misused funds? Absolutely. I have been witness to Jan Crouch's misuse of ministry funds. It is and has been the worst case of frivolous lavish spending I've ever witnessed in my 57 years.

Have they been good stewards by staying in $500.00 a day hotels for two years not including meals? Not at all. Did she have to have an adjourning room for her two dogs at $500.00 per day?? No, don't get me wrong I love my dog, but she does not need to have her own hotel room! Whenever Paul Sr visited he would stay in a separate room! Is it necessary for a husband to stay in a separate suite when visiting his wife? When family visited why did they have to stay in a hotel at $500.00 per night when Jan has over 4,500 sq. feet where she resides? It's crazy! It just makes no sense to me.

It was more than difficult going to work each day passing the many homeless sleeping on a bench or worse, the sidewalks under the bridge not more than 100 feet of the park. While Jan, although having purchased two condos across the street from Holy Land lived a lavish lifestyle at a hotel at Universal Studio for two years while those condos, for the most part, of those two years remained empty with the exception of a few overnight guests staying in them. How is this being a good steward of what you have been given?? Jan moved from that hotel to a lavish home costing over one million dollars. Another one right next door was purchased for Paul Sr. when he would visit Orlando for over another million dollars! Why does this married couple have to reside in separate homes? And in my years there Paul Sr. came to Orlando four times since those two homes were purchased. And to make matters worse, Jan was trying to get the city to approve a tax exempt for the homes calling them pastoral Parsonages! The City of Orlando investigated and found that not to be the case and made them pay taxes just like everyone else in the upscale neighborhood. By the way the condos, to my knowledge, remain empty. Why could she not have moved into one of those remains to be known.

Christmas 2010 Jan purchased three 12 foot Christmas trees for her new home. When Christmas passed she threw them away only to purchase new ones for 2011. She did the same at HLE. All trees and decorations were removed and thrown away and Bill Morris spent over 65,000 dollars to decorate the park Christmas 2011!! That did not include the thousands and thousands spent on clear led lights on every tree in the park! The "Church of all Nations" (new building) is without a doubt the most beautiful theater I have ever seen. But A----- it is a theater! Did they have to spend in excess of 100 million dollars on a theater when so many of their donors are without jobs?? Or the homeless who sleep in the roads across the street from the park??? One day we were told to take all Spanish material out of the stores and do not purchase anything including bibles in Spanish?? The park was 50% Spanish speaking guests daily! Why would you not want these people to have reading materials to further their relationship with our Lord once leaving the park?? The people in guest services were not allowed to book Haitian church groups!! Yet they have a building named the "Church of ALL NATIONS"!!!!

During my five years working at Holy Land there was no outreach being done in the less than fortunate neighborhoods not more than a five mile radius from the park. The new building has a real 24 karat floor in the room they call the prayer room! The MILLIONS of dollars this building "The Church of All Nations" cost could have been scaled down and the remaining funds could have been better spent keeping people housed and families fed. I apologize for rambling, but people must know that the DONATIONS that Jan and Paul have been entrusted with should have come with accountability. My prayer is that God will soon reveal the truths regarding the mishandling of Gods money, and will be held accountable for their neglectful ways. I am not judging their character, for that is up to God, I just want people to know that Brittany and Michael are telling the truth despite the misfortune of being called liars, and exiled from the family by their grandparents and uncle Matt and aunt Lori because she and Michael believed that there was a misuse of the ministries funds. Well she is right and it will be proven by the grace of God sooner than later. I also pray that Jan and Paul Sr. will realize they have made a mistake and love Brittany, her sister, and husband back into the family. Life is very short to have regrets.

Well I guess I've taken enough of your time. I can only pray that God reveal the whys to so many of our questions and judge those responsible for hurting so many people. God bless you.

Cheryl Tallafuss

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