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If you want real jewish merchandise, don't buy from a huckster --buy from real jewish merchants

17 September 2010 |

I am a real jew and I found this posting to be both heartbreaking and angering me at the same time.

Benny hinn is a muslim/ fake catholic con man. Just because he claims he was born in israel does not make him a jew!! He is a pathetic little man with huge pretentions and does not care who he steals from!

Jan and pat crouch are getting old and unable to perform their sleight of hand cons or retool their rip offs for the modern technological age, there is no way in hell these people are remotely jewish and I do not think they are even christian as I understand you all.

I wonder if they may have tried to not pay their israeli suppliers and manufacturers using the excuse that they should donate the items to them because they are doing the work of the lord, but that is just hearsay. Because the israelis I know are still open for business and doing ok and would love to sell you things from their country! So that is the only reason I can think that the freak show from tbn would have trouble getting items from israel.

This makes me mad because those prosperity gospel spouting, lying scum are preying on ill-informed people's good intentions and desire for a religion and a congregation family and a place to belong and all that bunch of scammers really want is just the money.

It also makes me mad because they are trying to sell fake junk --crap in a word-- like magic talismans or h*o doo items --- and it is my religion that they are desecrating by making false claims about jewish cultural items


I am deeply saddened because so many Christians want to buy real Israeli and real Jewish items and I don't know why they go to these SCAMMERS when there are real Jewish and Israeli merchants who do have the authentic merchandise and will sell it to you for a reasonable price depending what you want.

A lot of what you want, you can get in the gift shop of the synagogues in your home town. You might make some Jewish friends there. We are nice people who would love to have your business, and being the experienced merchants that we are, you will get what you ask for or a refund.

I wish I could explain to each one of you what Jewish items you might want in your home and what they mean and what to do with them, but I have no way to do that. I can tell you where to buy the merchandise and I have several sources where I personally have bought presents and things for my own house. You can google these names and contact them and request a print catalog.

Eichlers, Everything Jewish, Holy Land Gifts, Artscroll (for authentic printed books in English/Hebrew), Jewish Music (Tara Publications for music, sheet music, dvds, etc.), Israeli (very nice sellers of military-grade clothing that lasts and if you want it, they have a kosher scribe who will sell you a Mezzuzah scroll.) Also known as imp, and I have done business with them for years. They might even help you plan a safe trip to Israel if asked. They also can get you a real Tallit, etc., Zahal (also a military surplus store in Israel).

I am sad that so many Christians want to buy Jewish items and do not ask a real Jew about it, know how or want to contact a real Jew who knows where the things they want can be bought and where you can get them for a reasonable price!!!!!!!

Now, for Christians who would rather do business with a store that is more familiar dealing with Jews and Christians alike, google these: Messianic --business name is Messianic Jewish Communications, Holy Land, Messianic Judaica, Store.Jews for

Be sure you make sure that the merchandise they are sending you is made where they say it is before you buy. That is your job. I do not want to see Christians and others who like Jewish people being ripped off by some nasty clowns who own a television network and call themselves Christians. And I dislike intensely that they are peddling dreck and schlock and claiming it is Jewish.


Joe, U.S.A.