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TBN False Gospel: they play on your pain to get you to send money so you will get your miracle (Tustin, California)

04 October 2007 (updated 27 July 2008) | www.ripoffreport.com

In 1995 I was a single mom desperate for financial help. My ex-husband left us with no money and nowhere to go. I turned to my church and TBN for comfort. Both told me to sow seed for a miracle, but there has been no miracle. They play on your pain and guilt you into giving them your money. These people have no shame.

I was told that the reason I didn't get my miracle is because I didn't have enough faith or that I had hidden sin. They kept telling me to sow seed and my miracle would come.

I was also told that I had to tithe or I would lose my salvation and curse my children.

I fell for the whole SCAM, after all, God's people don't lie do they? Ugh! I have finally, in the last few months, realized that this whole thing is a SCAM. They tell you not to speak negative about them because they are God's anointed. They are giving Christianity a very bad black eye. It has got to be stopped.

I've read about people giving the last of their savings account money hoping with all desperation to get a miracle. YOU CANNOT BUY GOD. THEY ARE NOT PREACHING THE TRUTH, SALVATION, THE CROSS, OR SIN....they only preach money. It is virtually all the preachers on TBN as well as the God Channel, etc.

Beware...we were warned in Jude and 2 Timothy about the greed in the last days, no one ever believed it would be the preachers, who by the way, live like movie stars with privately owned jets, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, several mansions, TBN has 30 homes across the U.S., jewelry, designer clothes, plastic surgery, body guards (why do you need body guards to go to church?)

They target the poor, minorities, single moms, widows, and the weak and down trodden. When you speak against them they say you are cursing yourself. They are not God's anointed, they are anointed with greasy grace.

Please give to the poor, no other non profit organization is allowed to do this. They only get away with not reporting their finances because of the separation of church and state. Pray for these men and women who spread lies and a false Jesus. This has to stop!

San Antonio, Texas

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