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Trinity Broadcasting Network lied and extorted money (Santa Ana, California)

05 October 2005 (updated 31 October 2010) |


This report should be obvious to most people by now.

I was dumb enough to fall for it.

I'd rather bear the shame than the pain so I'd like to do as much as possible to get them back if it's only with this simple report of their chicanery. There is plenty of evidence to see that these people are liars.

A simple search on Benny Hinn will reveal the FALSE PROPHECIES that he's delivered. Unfortunately, I'm fairly sure that there is no way to stop these people from taking over the entire planet but I won't go down without at least griping about these misguided money hungry religionists.


The scariest thing is that I think President Bush actually believes these people. Where can I go to escape this insane asylum they call America.

Truly NUTS!

Minco, Oklahoma

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