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TBN, Paul and Jan Crouch, Sr. and family, and Evangelist Benny Hinn are deliberately deceiving viewers about "Holy Land" items they sell

21 August 2009 (updated 17 September 2010) |

Evangelist Benny Hinn frequently states on his TV show and on Trinity Broadcasting Network, a/k/a TBN:

"My best friends in the entire World are Jan and Paul Crouch, Sr."

Both of these Christian Ministries know millions of Christians and Jews, worldwide, want to, but can't make a pilgrimmage to the real Holy Land in Israel and purchase authentic Israeli-made sacred religious items actually made by God's Chosen People because the trip is too cost-prohibitive and because anti-semitism and terrorism are continually a threat in the Israel and the entire Middle East.

To boost income for their own Ministries, both the Hinn's Ministry and the Crouch's Ministry have been advertising certain religious items--jewelry, candles, anointing oil, worship garments, etc.--deliberately insinuating or outright claiming these items are made in the Holy Land in Israel. However, when the item arrives, it instead has the stamp "Made In China" or the label "Made in China" on it. It is unconscionable for any Christian Ministry that claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ, to purchase authentic Israeli-made sacred religious items and other Israeli-made souveniers, then contact factories in China (or other Nations), to create knockoffs of these authentic Israeli-made items so they can then give away as "love gifts" or sell as Holy Land items! They aren't only stealing income from and helping to destroy the economy of God's Chosen People in the real Holy Land in Israel, but also ripping off people who bought these items, believing they were made in the real Holy Land in Israel, who are then stunned to see "Made In China" stamped on the item or written on the label instead of the words "Made In Israel" or "Made in Israel's Holy Land". Instead of getting mad at the Crouch Ministry or Hinn Ministry, they blame the Jews in Israel for this, who knew nothing about this deliberate deceit! It costs these Ministries far less money to have these items manufactured specifically for them in China then it does to buy them from Israel, so they order them custom-made in China, then they pocket the difference at the time they sell the items! It astonishes me how these Ministries have the audacity to call themselves followers of Jesus Christ! These Ministries and others who do this same thing, amazingly believe they are above God's laws and they will never have to answer to God for cheating their fellow Christians!

I've never known Benny Hinn's Ministry to do this, but the Crouch's TBN Ministry does this on a daily basis: they create deliberately deceitful ads for the products they sell and/or give away as "love gifts." They always use special music, special lighting, and computer-created enhancement to make all products appear to be quality, expensive items instead of the junk they mail you! They all are stamped "Made in China", and look like they came from a Salvation Army Store or out of a bubble gum machine in a dime store!! Whenever I have donated money to TBN, the only quality items I have received have been DVDs, CDs, or books. Within the past year or so, they have also begun putting a disclaimer on all their ads, stating if they run out of that particular item, they will replace it with another item. Even if you donate money the first day they advertise that particular item on TV (using your credit card on their website), several times I haven't receive the item they advertised! Instead, they mailed me a hunk of junk neither I nor anyone else would want or use! When you complain to TBN that they didn't send the item advertised on TV, and complain about the poor quality of the replacement item, and/or you request a postage-paid mailing label to return the item to TBN, they coyly reply, "So sorry, but we ran out of that item, so had to send you a replacement item. If you don't like that replacement item we sent you, then just give it away to a friend or family member or put it in the garbage." (The latter statement proves that TBN is already aware it's a piece of garbage)! There's no way I'd ever consider gifting to another adult half the junk that TBN has mailed me over the years! A child might be interested, but many of the items are unsafe for children because China doesn't have child safety laws like we have here in the US. We don't know if there is lead in the paint and many times the edges are sharp, so it would be easy for children to get hurt. As if this isn't maddening enough, sometimes a month or so later, TBN re-advertises the identical item they earlier cheated you out of when you placed your original order. If you want to play lottery for the a same product, it means you first must give them another financial contribution, and hope for the best! I don't know of any genuine honest Christian Ministries that do things like this to their own financial supporters, and continue justifying their dishonesty, like TBN! Evidently they continue getting way with it because not enough people have the courage or time to complain to their State's Attorney General Office, State Legislators, or US Legislators whenever TBN rips them off. When they don't complain, they're actually contributing to the problem, enabling the Crouch family to continue ripping people off!

TBN is now also using another trick to cheat people out of that nice advertised item they advertised on TV to make viewers want to mail them a financial contribution. If you phone TBN on the same day you first see the item advertised, you are asked to give them your personal info, and also told to wait until after the bill arrives before you mail in your check. Immediately; however, TBN mails you a different item from the nice quality item they advertised, before they ever bill you! Instead, you are sent a hunk of junk, and when you call TBN to complain about it, they say, "We've already run out of the advertised item, so this is your replacement item!" Some call this "CYA": it's to legally preclude TBN from having to mail you the quality advertised item you saw and requested. Instead of getting the DVD video game I was supposed to receive after I mailed in my $20 check, they immediately mailed me a paper-thin stamped metal cross finished only on the front side, without any solid metal backing. Additionally, the cross was also missing what was touted to be a "genuine Holy Land widow's mite" in the center! When I called to tell TBN that I hadn't even received my billing yet so hadn't mailed in my $20 check, and that they sent me a cross instead of the DVD video game I was supposed to receive after I mailed in my money, they said they had already supposedly "ran out of" the DVD video game! Interestingly enough; however, yesterday, I heard them again advertise that same DVD video game on TBN and wondered, "How could that be?! They told me they ran out of them!" Obviously, TBN won't get a $20 check from me for cheating me that way! They have done this to me one too many times! They won't send you a postage-paid mailing label so you can return the item you did not order in exhange for the advertised item. They know postage rates keep rising, so most people, as much as they want to return the piece of junk TBN sent them in place of the advertised item, won't pay to return it but will instead trash the item. TBN's totally dishonest practice of advertising quality items to entice people into donating to their Ministry; and then not sending them the item they advertised is why I think multitudes of people who formerly financially contributed to TBN have stopped doing so: I don't think it's mainly because of the economy. Also, TBN now begs money from us all every single day, whereas in the past they used to so so only during their "Praise-A-Thons."

Sadly, the entire Crouch family believes Jesus is already establishing His kingdom on Earth--and Jesus has already appointed them to be His "Royalty", His First Family on Earth--to manage the finances for Jesus' One World Government. Someone needs to educate the Crouch family Jesus hasn't yet returned for the Rapture!

It will be the AntiChrist, not Jesus, who will first establish his One World Order, 7 yrs. before the Battle of Armageddon, when Jesus returns to defeat the enemies of Israel, including the AntiChrist and His Prophet and casts Satan into the Lake of Fire (Hell). The more everyone keeps naively praising the Crouch family for wasting all of that money that continually pours into their main TBN Ministry and all those other Ministries they keep creating for tax shelters, as well as continually buying and refurbishing buildings and properties all across America and the World to create more palaces for God (as Paul Crouch, Sr. calls them); and buying to give away for free, satellite dishes and other equipment for Russia's prisons, including wanting TBN's "Smile of A Child" to become Russia's official children's channel.

They don't have a clue Vladamir Putin is secretly planning to steal and use sometime in the near future (probably immediately following the Rapture), "Smile of A Child" to broadcast Communist propagada and spew hatred against Christians and Jews, worldwide!

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