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Enlace TBN Making Money in Mexico and all Latin American with their Spanish-Language Station Enlace Internet

18 September 2010 |

Why do I have a problem with this?

I should be happy that Paul and Jan Crouch were able to join up with Jonas Gonzalez Ortiz to make Spanish language broadcasts available throughout the Spanish speaking world in the Western Hemisphere.

But I'm not.

These people prey on the poor and ignorant of all nationalities and Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America have some of the worst poverty and deprivation imaginable.

I have personally seen victims of this prosperity gospel, fake healing and all the rest of this nonsense has done in this country and now they want to pound the pennies from the REAL poor and downtrodden people.

They should be Ashamed of themselves!

Wonder where they will strike next to enrich themselves and to take advantage of the poor and downtrodden.

I see this shows free on network TV and it is funny to see these Televangelist crooks dubbed into Spanish and to see their homegrown Spanish speaking crooks as well, conning coins from the sheeple who actually believe this trash.

I have noticed the Messianic Jewish music is big on these broadcasts too.

But they have some very good music videos -technically and content-wise that they play too few and not often enough between these Che Guevara-like appeals, no, make that DEMANDS for money.

You will not find the physical address of this place on their website but I think it MAY be in the same place as the TBN studio, maybe even Day Star Television. You have to be on Cable to get TBN and DayStar but Enlace I can see for free. And it's worth what I pay for it.

So don't feel too sorry for Jan and Paul Crouch team if their English-language TBN appears to be losing money because the content is lies,wild promises, pass the money, more lies, wilder promises, lousy "holy ghost humor," and send me all the money you have or you will go to hell kind of entertainment...

They have expanded to rip off people from all over the world now.

-Anonymous, Elgin, IL-

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