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Characteristics of False Shepherds, Teachers and Prophets

According to Scripture

Source: Post gratefully copied from Discernment Ministries

– They appear harmless but are not

– They are extortioners and robbers

– They come to extract a price from the sheep

– They are capable of showing signs and wonders

– They are able to deceive

– They bring a slow and gradual introduction of heresies

– They cause people to despise and speak ill of the truth

– They use false emotion and pretend to be affected by their own words

– They cleverly craft their words to have an effect in order to deceive

– They traffic in sheep and use them for the personal gain

– They use false and deceptive visions

– They claim to hear and speak for God but fail to uncover sin in the flock.

– They do not truly loose the captives but fill them with false hope and delusions

– They are greedy and never have enough

– They teach things that they do not understand

– They are territorial

– They lead people along a difficult path instead of leading them to a place of rest

– They feed themselves but do not feed the sheep

– They feast on the very ones they are supposed to be feeding

– They do not strengthen the weak

– They do not truly heal the sick

– They do not bind up the broken

– They do not seek after those they have driven away

– They do not seek the lost

– They lead the flock with force and cruelty

– They do not care about sheep who have wandered off

– They leave the sheep open to attack from beasts of the field

– They prophesy lies and false visions

– Their words are empty, worthless and deceitful

– They speak that all is well to people who are clearly in sin and at enmity with God

– They say they speak for the Lord but they don't

– They say the Lord has sent them but He hasn't

– Their visions come from their own heart and not from the Lord's

– They prophesy witchcraft and divination

– They are hirelings and only in it for themselves

– They make people vain

– They falsely tell people that no harm will befall them instead of warning them

– They destroy and scatter the sheep

– They commit adultery

– They walk in lies

– They reinforce sin by telling people what they want to hear

– They claim their dreams are from the Lord

– They cause people to prefer to be led by dreams and visions rather than the word of God.

– They cause people to exchange true worship for pagan worship

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