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The Freeman Bloodline

Writer: Fritz Springmeier | 1993(?) |

Note: In an e-mail I received from a reader I read something that I think is interesting enough to share with the readers of my website. It said that Pope Eleutherius (174/175 - 189 A.D.) was originally born with the Greek name Freeman. This is also documented in The Popes: A Concise Biographical History Vol I, edited by Eric John, page 51, 1964, Hawthorn Books, Inc. Publishers. The first edition is sealed with the "Nihil Obstat" and "Imprimatur," which are a declaration that a book or pamphlet is considered to be free from doctrinal or moral error. It is not implied that those who have granted the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur agree with the contents, opinions or statements expressed.

The amazing thing about this family is that it is not a family that people would have thought of as being one of the top thirteen; however, for me as a researcher of the elite and the Satanic hierarchy, the name pops up with surprising frequency. For instance, Stephen M. Freeman runs the Legal Affairs Dept. of the Civil Rights Division of the Anti-Defamation League (which is a daughter of the B’nai B’rith). The ADL is a dangerous organization controlled by the hierarchy. The illuminati use drug money to fund this organization. Another Freeman is Walter Freeman who introduced the lobotomy into the U.S. with James W. Watts in 1936. The frontal lobotomy was a brutal method of mind control, that has been permitted to be done to us, under the disguise that it is of benefit to humanity. Then there was Simon Freeman an important intelligence officer. And the list goes on of people that are in key places with the Freeman name. But the most important position of all which removes all doubt that the family is at the top is that the late Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion was Gaylord Freeman.

Independent discoverers of The PRIEURE DE SION

What is the Prieure de Sion? Are we sure it exists? How does this relate to the hierarchy? The Prieure de Sion (Priory of Zion) was unknown to the general public until 1982 when a book co-authored by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln came out. The book was entitled Holy Blood, Holy Grail and it offered historical proof that an organization called the Prieure de Sion was powerful and had existed since the time of the early crusades (1099 A.D.). In 1991, I came out with a little more information on the Prieure de Sion. The organization is so little known to even my readership, that we need to stop and really examine the Prieure de Slon.

In trying to figure out the mysteries surrounding this organization, Lincoln, Leigh and Baigent’s research led them to conclude that the holy bloodline that the Prieure de Sion guarded was the bloodline of Jesus. This immediately made all their research anathema (condemned and disliked) by the most of Christendom. I watched to see if Christians would refute the unbiblical parts of their research, but besides a couple of short articles (Christian Century, 9/1-8/82, — "Raiders of the Lost Grail" and Christianity Today, 9/3/82 — "Holy Blood, Holy Grail - holy mackerel") in Christian periodicals (in addition to this was a small book in England— The Holy Grail Revealed) which simplistically claimed that the book was of no value because obviously it was erroneous, no one even pretended to try to refute the book (as far as I know except for that English book which did pretend but didn’t refute anything.) The authors went on to write two more popular historical exposes concerning the Prieure de Sion and Freemasonry (The Messianic Legacy and The Temple and The Lodge). Actually to be fair to the Christians, if I hadn’t already known from my research that much of the European information in Holy Blood. Holy Grail was correct, the wild religious speculation about Jesus in Part 3 may have caused me to doubt the book too. The first Christian author to pick up on the Prieure de Sion was J.R. Church who wrote Guardians of the Grail which built on Holy Blood. Holy Grail’s research in a constructive way and put more pieces of the puzzle together. At last a book was out that challenged some of the false ideas of Holy Blood, Holy Grail without blindly throwing their excellent research. While the public at large had never heard of the Prieure de Sion until Holy Blood. Holy Grail came out, the organization was written about in high level military intelligence briefings years before the book. Some of the men in high level intelligence have become concerned with the direction this nation is going. It is through such men that independent confirmation had leaked out even before the book. The information did get to some researchers. I came out with my Be Wise As Serpents book in 1991, which among other things covered the Prieure de Sion, after I had concluded that the evidence verified its existence.

I approached the issue from my own angle of research. In researching the Illuminati it became clear,

1. that bloodlines were very important,

2. that the people in high level Satanism believe they are descendents of the House of David,

3. the Illuminati’s activities tied in in many ways to the Prieure de Sion.

One startling tie in was that the Freeman family was, according to an informant, one of the top 13 Illuminati families. The ex-Illuminati people I received information from were not familiar with Holy Blood, Holy Grail nor Guardians of the Grail. Even if they had, which they definitely hadn’t, neither book mentions the Freeman family. It wasn’t until the researchers of Holy Blood, Holy Grail wrote their sequel The Messianic Legacy that was published in 1987 that the name Freeman came out as the leader of the Prieure de Sion. In short the way the research of mine and others simoultaneously from different angles came up independently with similar conclusions using totally different sources confirms beyond a doubt that the Prieure de Sion exists, and that the Freeman family is indeed a very powerful family. I have never spelled out in detail nil the proofs about the Prieure de Sion and the Freeman family, and even now I am not going to. To me the basics are facts, and I don’t want to get bogged down trying to prove the obvious, when there is so much more to learn. There are stubborn people whose minds will not come along no matter how much proof and encouragement. They will just have to stay where they are.

Describing the Prieure de Sion

The original start of the Prieure de Sion appears to have been the idea of a number of powerful bloodlines, and included various descendents of the Merovingians, including the House of Lorraine, the House of Guise, the Medicis, Sforzas, the Estes, the Gonzagas, and the St. Clairs (Sinclairs). The Medicis are tied to the Black Nobility also. From the beginning the Prieure de Sion has been committed to Hermetic Magic (a type of black magic that originated with the ancient Egyptians and portrayed in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.) René d’ Anjou, a descendent of the Merovingians persuaded Cosimo de Medici to establish in c. 1444 a non-church library at San Marco where Plato, Pythagorean works, and books on Hermetic Magic were translated. Up until this time, the Catholic church had control of all the libraries. It was from Cosimo dé Medici’s library that the spark of Greek and Egyptian teachings set off what developed into the Renaisannce, which was revival of humanism and the occult. It appears that during the Middle Ages, witchcraft and the mystery religions had seriously dissolved to the point that these modes of thought had to be relearned from the ancient writings. Interestingly, the Middle Ages when witchcraft and paganism were dissolving have been branded the "Dark Ages" by the establishment, and inaccurately painted as a time when learning went out. A magazine put out during W.W. II by Prieure de Sion members was Vaincre. The organization that took credit for the magazine was Alpha Galates. It carried articles on Atlantis, theosophy, Celtic wisdom, and other esoteric things. The magazine also declared itself in favor of a United Europe.

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