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The Secular Music Industry

Illuminati controlled music industry

Illuminati controlled music industry


Guitarist Micky Mars of Motley Crue described his band as "demonic." "That's what we are." -Heavy Metal Times, May 1983-

Referring to his "Shout at the Devil" stage show he commented "We have skulls, pentagrams, and all kinds of satanic symbols on stage."

"I've always flirted with the devil."-Circus Magazine, January 31, 1984, Watch video Sold Out To Satan: Illuminati Controlled Musicians

Messages from Hell

Below are the images and graphics I found that rock n'roll bands use as their logos, or for t-shirts, or for album covers. These images are all new age, demonic, illuminati and straight from Hell. If you listen to the music coming from these people then you are being PROGRAMMED! This garbage needs to be BURNED.

Aerosmith is correct. The devil does have a new disguise. He entered the church and passed himself off as a well dressed, well versed, and pretty good holy act of a "PREACHER"!

The number "13" is the number of Satan. These pictures are imitating Satan and his symbols. You can find more about occult imagery over here.

The flames of hell with a "horned" woman from Charlie Daniels, a Rosicrucian and Wiccan solar cross, images of demons, levitation and skull magic, Hinduism, and all are of the OCCULT!

More of the same... voodoo witchcraft, Hinduism, and demonic imagery.

More skull magic, a naked woman, a Wiccan solar cross, images from Hell.

Skull Magic - New and Ancient Witchcraft, Spells, Rites, and Passages

Skull Magic is based on ancient witchcraft practices, magic, spells and rituals that incorporated images and reproductions of the human skull in the procedures. Skull magic has seen a recent resurgence largely because of the increased interest in human skulls for adorning apparel and other items. This renewed interest in the skull has prompted research and initiated efforts to resurrect old magic and merge it with the new to create exciting and fresh magic spells that are easy to cast and get great results. In an effort to contribute meaningful spells and incantations to this effort, we have combed our archives and uncovered some of the best skull magic spells and rituals that have ever existed.

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